Lil Boosie Talks Systematic Racism, Says Blacks Should Take Back Neighborhoods and Build Own Economy

Lil Boosie is often regarded as a modern day Tupac Shakur. This is due to the realness the Baton Rouge rapper radiates.

Boosie touched on the issues plaguing the black community and what can be done to build it up during an interview with Peter Bailey.

The “My Struggle” rapper cites poor education, prison, violence, unemployment and the elimination of fathers from the household as the cause of turmoil in the black community.

“We got the poorest education,” he said. “We got the most people locked up in the world… murder capital of the world. I think it really starts from an educational standpoint. If the government not providing jobs for us…you got the three strikes law if people steal out the store three times, their father gone for life. And a kid need his father.”

Boosie says African Americans need to start their own education system in order to rebuild their communities.

“I think what a lot of blacks gotta do is first take back our neighborhoods,” he said. “Arabs, everybody run our neighborhoods. Ever corner store Arab… restaurants. If we was to form and get our neighborhoods back and have money to build our own education to where we hire our own teachers to teach our people. We getting the government to teach out people, they don’t have the same love for us that we got for our kids.”

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