Lil Durk’s ‘Get That Money’ Features Blac Chyna Line That Led To Beef With Tyga

Lil Durk fans were dying to know the line that led to a heated beef between the OTF rapper and Tyga. Tyga took issue with Durk for name-dropping his baby mama Blac Chyna in song “Get That Money” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga

Durk raps, “$100 bottle, what a stripper swallow/Maliah, Blac Chyna, shout out to Chyna.”

Durk detailed how the line rubbed Tyga the wrong in an interview with XXL:

“The song with me, Chris Brown and French Montana, I had said a line in there, a line about Blac Chyna. It wasn’t a diss, it was just a line, like, I want her and s---. It wasn’t no diss. When we was in L.A.—me, Tyga and Chris Brown, when we first did the hook—Tyga came in and heard the line, [and] he felt some type of way. It was tension since then. Chris Brown had played it back to him. It was tension. [Tyga] was like, “Man, just change it,” and I was like, “No doubt, I’m going to change it once we get something in, I f--- with you.” He said he f---- with me and he’s been texting me since I left L.A., like, “I’m going to send you something, you going to send me something, etc.” Then he stop replying and s---, and I felt some type of way and said, f--- it then, I’m not going to kiss his a--.

He asked me to shout his name out on it. So I said I’ll do it, and he said we’re going to get some work in. I think he just told me that so I could just change it and I caught on to what he was doing, so I turned up on him.

When he first heard it he was like, “Man, Goddamn, what you say though?” So I told him the rhyme, and said this ain’t no disrespect, that’s a complement, actually. He was like, iight, at least shout me out. Chris Brown was laughing. I was just like, it’s all good. He was like, it just sound like a little disrespectful, just shout me out. So I said, cool, we’re going to work.”

Durk would later diss Tyga in Meek Mill’s “Chiraq” remix, rapping, “Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, telling thot b*****s I’m not right/Tyga only got one name, but that n***a only got one stripe/He backpack, so it’s easy to get the n***a s**t snatched/Ask Mally Mal to get his s**t back/It’s Chiraq don’t come her. You ain’t from here, don’t come here.”

Tyga responded with track “Chiraq To LA” featuring Game.

Lil Durk took another dig at Black Chyna after inserting himself in the Tyga and Drake’s beef.

Durk posted a photo of Blac Chyna onto his IG account with a caption, reading, “Lol I got next @champagnepapi.”

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