Mixtape Review: Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden- ‘Blood Brothaz’

Much work and preparation went into the making of Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden’s joint mixtape project “Blood Brothaz.” Dre and JB postponed their project many times to get it right. The two South Side Chicago artists released the project to solid review amongst fan in late January. Dre and JB’s 16-track tape, hosted by DJ Bandz and Bigga Rankin, features some of the hottest artists in the game, including, BossTop, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, Edai, Rowdy Rebel, RondoNumbaNine, OTF NuNu and more.

Lil Durk opens the intro as he presents his two OTF artists.

The two artists get right to it in song “Hannn” featuring BossTop. Top kicks off this record, rapping, “When it come to f-cking with me, I’m Boss motherf-cking T/OTF, GBMG/Leave his ass stretched out in the streets/Don’t f-ck with me, boa I got that mop.”

Dre is next up, rapping, “They know me, I’m Prince Dre, I’m from the Wic/Murder drive, On 6-4 that be the strip/I’m on the block, I’m with guys, I’m off the shits/My fingers itching, I might pop up in that dip.”

JB finishes this record, rapping, “Off that chrome, get to dumping/Face shot, back shot, I ain’t see nothing/Them people snitching, I can never be a police witness/This nickel that I’m gripping, hit em one time leave him limping/Head shot from that red dot, I dodge cops in that red car.”

The song “Brothers” was Prince Dre’s breakout hit.

Dre talks about the camaraderie he has with his O’Block brothers. Dre upped the intensity a notch with a remix featuring JB and Lil Reese.

Fans were anxious to hear the new mix after a preview of Reese rapping his verse in the studio hit the net.

Reese raps, “A lot of f-ck n-ggas get to running/These f-ck n-ggas ain’t on nothing/Got 30 on me, I’m drumming/Watch the f-ck n-ggas get to running.”

Aside from the intro, Durk lends his talents on songs “All I Know” and “Lately.” The hook on “All I Know” is official. Durk flexes his talents on the hook.

Prince Dre raps, “All these n-ggas just be talking, but really they ain’t on nothing/When I come through sparking, n-ggas better be ducking/

JB follows, rapping, “We got 50 in that glock/It ain’t no drumline, we be drumming/Block hot, them people coming.”

Prince Dre and JB tap Edai for song “Turn Up.” The three artists call out the fugazy in this record. They act what they talk, but can’t say the same for rivals. Dre, JB and Edai challenge others to turn up if they’re truly about that action.

JB opens the record, rapping, “They ain’t on sh-t, I’ma turn up/They say they torching, they ain’t never burn nothing/We come through clapping, applause/I’m steady laughing at yall/I don’t fight, don’t brawl.”

Edai raps, “0-6-0, swear that sh-t don’t never change/Test the flame and some change and I still won’t never change/Gotta cut that b-tch off if she talking wedding ring/Take a trip to her crib, gotta bring that metal thing.”

Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden happened to remix another popular record from 2014.

This time around they tapped GS9’s Rowdy Rebel for their “Hide N Seek” remix. The three artists aren’t ducking action. Like Dre and JB said earlier in this project, they’re ready to turn up whenever.

The word ‘turnt’ is an understatement when describing this project. Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden were madmen on each track. It was hot to see these two young MCs combine talents for sweltering heat. Listeners should be able to tell a lot of work went into this project. The outcome showed the hard work paid off. The quality tracks on this tape has definite replay, possibly for years to come.

Stream/download Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden’s “Blood Brothaz” below.

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