Producer P. Noble Sees Nothing Wrong with Lil’ Mouse ‘Get Smoked’ Music Video

A teenage Chicago rap sensation is turning heads in the realm of social media. Rapper Lil’ Mouse, 13, is at the center of controversy over his profane and derogatory lyrics.

Lil’ Mouse, who represents the Wild Wild Hundreds on the city’s gritty South Side, has received national attention for his music video “Get Smoked.” In the music video, the Chicago youth bounces with fellow comrades as he raps about sex, drugs and murder.

Lil’ Mouse raps, “30 clips and them hollow tips/ have his a** sitting in roses/ Rolling off a pill/ P**sy better kill/ My N**gas in the field/ You might get killed.”

Many people may find this video entertaining. But an adolescent rapping about violent subject matter is a cause for alarm.

South Side Chicago resident P. Noble, who produced the video, told NewsOne in an exclusive interview he finds nothing with Lil’ Mouse’s lyrical content.

“Lil Mouse is writing his own lyrics about what he sees in his community every day,” Noble said, according to NewsOne. “This is an eye opener for people about what’s really going on in urban communities. His message doesn’t disturb me. It’s what young people call, ‘Keepin’ it real.’ And this is the way the music industry is headed.”

The city of Chicago has already surpassed 300 homicides in the year 2012 alone. Another Chicago artist Lil’ JoJo was murdered following an ongoing dispute with rising Chicago artist Chief Keef’s group Glory Boyz Entertainment.

Lil JoJo’s death serves as proof of the tragic circumstances negative lyrical content can cause. Many critics ponder whether Lil’ Mouse is being placed in harm’s way with the music and videos he is producing.

“If Lil Mouse were White and strumming a guitar the reaction would be much different, Noble said. “He is being singled out because of what he’s rapping about. It’s a way for him to keep it real. I don’t celebrate negativity, the abuse of women, or violence, but I do celebrate a youth coming out of a situation of poverty and despair. I’m pretty sure he’s going to do well.”

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