Quavo of Migos Buys New Diamond-Studded ‘YRN’ Chain

Quavo of Migos may have lost his gold and diamond-studded “QC” chain, but it’s nothing for a YRN… literally. The “Handsome and Wealthy” rapper recently purchased a gold and diamond-studded “YRN” chain.

“Brokanese,” he later tweeted.

Some philosophy Rick Ross holds dear may have been the inspiration behind Quavo’s purchase. Quavo retweeted two posts from the MMG boss after showcasing his new jewels.

“They hate to see you SHINE

“Reason I bought mo’ jewels,” Ross wrote.

It’s unlikely Migos will be able to secure Quavo’s old chain at this point. This is because the Atlanta rap trio is alleging the culprits behind the chain snatching put a restraining on them.

Migos’ affiliate Willie Bands posted a heated message via IG revealing he was recently released from the D.C. county jail with an Aggravated Assault charge.

“These n-ccas p-ssy and police at the same time f-cc @donno_Wildass f-cc @elcappgguod This n-ggas ain’t Robbin they informants @migosatl,” the caption on his post read.

He voiced his anger in his IG video post.

“Aye these p-ssy n-ggas ain’t robbing,” he said while showing paperwork. “These p-ssy n-ggas out here police. Fresh out the count. Agg charge, beat yo ass for that chain. And the p-sy putting restraining orders on a n-gga. This DC court paperwork.”

Quavo took to IG confirm Migo Bands’ claims.

“@migobands Fresh out he DC county for Agg. Assault!! ASK YA BOI. Lol Restrain Order,” the caption on his post read.

Donno Wildass is the alleged the culprit behind the Quavo’s chain snatching. He took to IG to slam Quavo and Willie for spreading false information.

“Quavo a b-tch a real street n-gga not goin let his chain get took. Talkin bout restrain order In my city n-gga show statements on ig now show da world ur paperwork f-k n-gga!! #flawlessresume,” message in his IG post read.

“@migobands Bluffin Ass N-gga Now Show That Paper Work,” the caption on his post read.

Capo facetimed Donno Monday.

Donno posted an up close snapshot of the chain onto IG with a caption, reading, “So This What All The Fuss About #Legteam #PurgeTeam #BlowCheeze.”

Donno filmed himself riding around in traffic with the expensive piece of jewelry.

Capo regrammed the post with a caption, reading, “What’s This.”

The “G.L.O.N.L. 2” rapper went on to taunt Quavo with a series of IG posts.

“@QuavoYm This Quavo Chain he jus got His Sh-t Took! Y’all Thought y’all Was Gone Travel And Think this Sh-t Was Over wit! I Got N-ggas EveryWhere! who Slippin on Bananas now?

“Damn It’s All Bad Quavo! My Slutty’s Caught U Walkin On Bananas… If you want it Back U gotta Pay Hommage Lil B-tch!

“#GloControl,” the captions on his posts read.

It was alleged that GBE in some way had some kind of involvement in Quavo of Migos’ chain snatching in D.C.

Chief Keef upped speculation on his camp’s involvement after regramming a photo of Quavo’s chain onto his personal account with a caption, reading, “What’s this?” The photo was later removed.

A tweet Fat Trel posted early Sunday had fans speculating whether the “Dope Case” rapper had any involvement in the assault of Migos Saturday night.


But the D.C. native later denied any role in the incident.


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