ReeseMoneyBagz Says Violence In Chiraq Will Never End

Chicago earned itself the nickname “Chiraq” due to its high rate of violence. In 2015, there have been 2,054 victims of gun violence, according to the Chicago Tribune. reports 325 people have murdered thus far this year.

ReeseMoneyBagz, an up and coming rapper hailing from the City’s East Side, broke down how his genre of music, “Drill Music,” correlates with the violence in his hometown.

“Drill music is just talking about a lot of killing,” he told “Like a lot of violence, not necessarily killing. I think my music drill music cause I come from a violent environment. …All I grew up seeing was violence. …I rap about the s**t I did my whole life.”

Reese agrees the violence in his hometown is bad and not an over exaggeration.

“I think that s**t I pretty bad,” he said. “I don’t think they over exaggerate or none of that s**t. We used to that s**t really, so it ain’t relly s**t to us. You see all that s**t on the news, on the outside it look real bad. We so used to it because we really in it.”

Reese says the problem stems from “gang violence” and lack of structure in the city.

Sadly, Reese doesn’t think the violence will ever end.

“To the youngins, I think this s**t a never end. Motherf*****s got dead homies in this s**t,” the “Anything’s Possible” rapper explained. “Ain’t nobody gon really stop the beef cause I don’t really think black teens gon get that s**t in they head that motherf*****s need each other. That’s how that s**t go. Street wise, I don’t think that s**t ever gon end. I know I never f**k with nobody from my opposite side. I’m a Chicago n***a. I got the same mindset as a lot of motherf*****s from Chicago. They thinking just how I’m thinking. I don’t that sh*t a ever end.”

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