Rico Recklezz Links With G Herbo and Lil Bibby

#ricorecklezz coolin with #gherbo and #lilbibby ??

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Rico Recklezz’s “Hit Em Up” diss record was all in fun. Rico linked with G Herbo and Lil Bibby at Exclusive773’s birthday party a week ago, and all parties were cordial.

Rico posted a photo of himself with Bibby onto his IG with a caption, reading, “F U AINT GANG U CANT HANG I KNO U HEARD @lilbibby_.”


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G Herbo was asked his thoughts on Rico’s “Hit Em Up (Remix)” during a sit-down interview with Jack Thriller of This Is 50.

“I just be laughing,” Herb said. “I don’t even feel like he mean no harm by it. I don’t really know him personally. Even if he did mean I wouldn’t still anticipate it. I ain;t worried about no negative s**t. I be outside too much, so you gon see me. If I see him I’ll say what up to him.”

Herb said Rico’s song reminded him of 50 Cent’s “How To Rob.”

Herb said he is just taking the same approach Bibby took to the record.

“Bibby had said something,” he said. “Bibby ain’t take no mind to it either. Bibby saluted him. In Chicago, s**t be so crazy that you’ll really get into a real beef over nothing. Bibby telling him it’s cool to do that, but sometimes you should be mindful of what you do and what you say because there’s a lot of negative people that wanna bring you down.”

Bibby was chill in his response to Rico’s record.

“Look here, man. I’m just on the Internet, on Twitter, I see a little video, saying, ‘Catch Bibby on Essex, and hit em with a torch.,’” he said. “I don’t even know. Who is that? N***a name is Rico. I don’t even know that guy. You don’t know me. Why you gotta say my name, man? Never trade attention for respect. I know people do crazy sh*t for attention. It happened to me before. I’ma give you shout out. Shout out to Rico. It was an alright song, but you don’t never trade attention for respect. You don’t diss a n***a you don’t know. Try t get on the right way. Make hot s**t.”

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