Rob Stone Reacts To Rumors He Had XXXTentacion Knocked Out, Denies Getting Stabbed

Rob Stone is alleged to have been involved in the physical assault of XXXTentacion the night of Wednesday, June 7 at Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA. The “Chill Bill” rapper spoke on his issues with X during an IG Live session.

Rob Stone said neither him nor his guys were stabbed during the incident.

“I’m alive and well,” Rob Stone said. “I ain’t get stabbed. All my homies is alive and well. I feel bad for the person that did get stabbed.”

X claimed the person who assaulted him is now in critical condition after suffering multiple stab wounds.

X wrote on Twitter, “several stab wounds, he in critical condition he might be dead in a few hours… ‘Just Sayin.’

#xxxtentacion says dude who knocked him out is in critical condition after suffering multiple stab wounds ?

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X again told followers the culprit might die from his injuries in another social media post, writing, “You did good, your homie got a good hit on me! Wont lie! But how does it feel knowing your friend might die tonight because of you (not saying I had anything to do with me the ‘stranger stabbing him) but ya homie not lookin too hot rn.”

#xxxtentacion claims guy who knocked him out is on his death bed

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X also echoed these claims during an interview with TMZ .

“Apparently, I had nothing to do with this. Apparently, he was stabbed several times. He’s in critical condition right now,” he said. “Apparently, he might die. I don’t know what’s going on. I just know he might die [laughs].”

Rob blamed the outcome of that night’s events on X for running his mouth.

“This s**t is getting crazy, and it’s only gon get worse,” X said. “You cannot sit and talk s**t about people. And I’m talking to everybody in the world. You cannot sit and talk s**t and go to their city and not expect somebody in the city to feel some type of way about that.”

Rob and X began beefing after the Broward County artist called him out for beating up Ski Mask The Slump God.

Rob Stone is accused of attacking Ski Mask The Slump God during a performance earlier this year.

“I know that s**t that happened with Ski Mask the Slump God, I know it was petty ass f**k, and I know that it went overboard,” Rob Stone said. “But it is what it is. As a man, it wasn’t supposed to go like that.”

Rob directed a message towards X, stating they both should focus on music.

“X, I’ve gone at you direct multiple times. It ain’t this with me, bro. I ain’t tryna run like that. I don’t think anyone can get through to you, bro,” Rob said. “I think you should just focus on music and your career like I’m tryna do. The fans don’t wanna see us fight. Don’t nobody wanna see none of this s**t. Honestly bro, everybody wanna see us making slaps. Everybody wanna see me make another motherf*****g hit song. Everybody wanna see you make another slapper like ‘Look At Me.’ This ain’t no peace treaty s**t, this some real n***a s**t. I’m not a hater my n***a. I think you got talent, but the way you go about s**t and the way you be at motherf*****s, posting my son. That s**t don’t fly. Ain’t nobody goin for that.”

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