Rocaine Speaks On Pablo Skywalkin Fight and Shooting

Rocaine sat down with 4ShoMag to give his side of his fight with Pablo Skywalkin that led to his near fatal shooting.

Rocaine said he decided to call out certain Detroit rappers because was “tired of the Internet s---.”

Despite being shot, Rocaine said he doesn’t regret how it ended.

“Now I see. Ain’t no squashing sh*t with boy. Detroit versus everybody, but that one n***a, he ain’t Detroit sh*t.

Though Rocaine ended his beef with ShredGang and BandGang, he said his beef with Pablo will never end.

“…F**k that b***h,” he said.

Rocaine said his issues with Pablo began after the “Fast Money” rapper dissed one of his bros.

“…Then that n***a came back to the D, set me up with some, f*****g with some n****s he don’t even f**k with. He ain’t do sh*t. He a b***h. He a never squeeze. He ain’t want that sh*t to happen, I bet. N***a so scared. He a never show his face again. I promise you.

He was with some real killers, some broke as killers that don’t give a f**k about their life.

They got me from the back. Janky a-- sh*t, on some snake sh*t. Tried to kill me cause them n****s was haters. Lame a-- n****s tryna rap. They be tryna rap too. N****s garbo as f**k. [Pablo] be using them for protection cause he ain’t sh*t without them n****s.

Rocaine said the shooting opened his eyes.

“I’ll never trust sh*t.

Watch Rocaine’s interview above.

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