SD Says Chiraq Is Like ‘Survival of the Fittest’

SD made his way to Miami for an appearance on NiteCap with Peter Bailey web series to discuss the violence and despair in his hometown of Chicago.

SD, who grew up in the now demolished Robert Taylor Homes, was questioned on his controversial cover art for mixtape “Life of a Savage 2” where he is shown aiming two pistols aimed at his head.

“It’s just a way of life,” SD said. “It’s just the situation you put in. You put in a dead or alive situation… so everyday you wake up it’s just like a barrel to your head. …It’s just like that in any other state, any other country. …It’s like survival of the fittest.”

SD said there isn’t anyone who wants to remain in his or her current predicament in his hometown.

“People tryna get up out of the madness,” he said. “…Nobody wanna be where they at. Nobody there cause they wanna be there. They there cause they gotta be there.”

Life situations have humbled SD. He has a more positive perspective of his life than he did in the past.

“You can always evolve and become something better than what you was always put in,” he said.

SD said Chicago could also evolve if a leader was present. He said the City needs something that’s going to steer them in the right path.

SD says his music is truthful and a reflection of his life experiences.

“You rapping about what you went through, what you go through in your life,” he said. “You not rapping about what you did or none of that. You just rapping about what you did through your lifetime. Things you seen, things you hear about.”

SD is currently prepping the release of his debut album “Truly Blessed.” The project is slated to drop sometime this year.

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