SD Steps Away From Drill In ‘Truly Blessed’ (Album Review)

For months, SD proclaimed his debut album “Truly Blessed” would be his best project to date. Fans didn’t hear much from SD as he was busy in the studio working on what he deemed would be a “classic.” SD took a different approach with his project’s title. Fans are accustomed to his “Life of a Savage” series. But his album’s title has special meaning. SD defined a blessing as identifying one’s progression in life and being thankful for the positives during his NightCap With Peter Bailey interview.

“…You gotta understand the difference between when you was here to now. Cause a lot of people be in predicaments where they suffering and they still suffering, but it’s just mentally,” he said. “I look at it like it’s a whole mental thing. But if you put yourself in a position to be blessed and thankful for what you got, you can be the happiest motherf*cker on earth. Just be blessed for what you got.”

SD also showed a different side of his recording ability with the release of song “Complaining. This track didn’t make it onto his album.

It is clear SD tapped into realm of positive energy when recording his album. Not only is SD “Truly Blessed,” he’s also confident. One might be able to add a dab of arrogance in the mix. SD compares himself to the “Italian Stallion” in his opening record, rapping, “I’m cocky, I’m like Rocky and sh-t.

SD’s demeanor carries into his next track. It’s no secret confidence attracts women. The way SD carries himself has women feeling his steelo in “Styles.” SD’s swagger is all he needs to approach women as he raps, “Girl, what’s ya style?/Girl, why not mingle/You ain’t too very shy/Well, hey girl nice to meet you/Just let me see your smile/I gotta feeling I’m your style.”

SD possesses heavy artillery. He’s likely turn a scene into something similar to sci-fi “Movies.” He raps, “Some say I left my homies, some say I’m acting phony/Gotta get that guap, gotta get that guap/Ain’t no more trying to not eat/I’m on the grind, lunch meat/Boy, you can be blind and block me/But you gone still gon have to wake up and gon hear my army.”

SD is chasing Dead Presidents. Currency earns one money, power and respect. SD proclaims money saved him. SD was able to leave the slums of South Side Chiraq. The GBE affiliate can honestly give two f-cks what a hater gotta say when dollar signs are in his vision. This is evident as he raps, “Baby, can’t worry about these n-ggas, they don’t faze me/Crazy, you think I forget about what made me/Lately, I’ve been chasing faces on the daily.”

SD’s “Circles” was his most recent single leading up to his album’s release. SD is deranged in this track. His mind is racing and going in circles as he raps, “It’s like the squad didn’t called on me/Got me feeling I’m abnormal/Ain’t getting guap homie/While you keep going in circles/I got my circle with me/And they aiming at you Urkels.”

SD doesn’t trust too many people. This is because “Loyalty” is a trait that’s hard to come by. The small circle SD does keep will ride for him. He raps, “Thinking you gon bury me, but we come through disturb the peace/Ain’t sh-t changed but the money and days of week/I’m still with my n-ggas, boa/You know that’s til the death of me.”

Money has been a reoccurring theme throughout this project. SD rhymes money saved his life in track five. But he does acknowledge it attracts the attention from the wrong people, like women. SD ponders this concept in “For Da Money.”

SD brings listeners inside the culture of Chiraq as he reveals shootouts are a “Daily” occurrence in his neighborhood. He raps, “Truckloads full of soldiers in here/And guns is black Marvins, starting problems in here/It’s gon be another robbery, it’s gon be a dead man/I empathize and show love, but disrespect me and that’s yo a--.”

SD showed with his album that he shouldn’t be type cast as a drill artist. He can dabble in different lyrical content as he pleases. This is a difficult feat to accomplish in this ever-changing Hip Hop realm.

SD told Antenna fans would see his progression as an artist on this project.

“I make music that ain’t just for me to listen to or people where I come from to listen to,” he said. “I make music for the world to listen. I want people to go back in 20 years and still listen to my s---.”
SD’s album is now available for purchase via iTunes.

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