Shawty Mojo Blasts Spike Lee’s Satirical ‘Chi-Raq’ Movie: This Is Nothing To Joke About

Chicago native Shawty Mojo had much to say about Spike Lee’s controversial “Chi-Raq” film. Mojo is not too pleased with Spike opting to make a satirical film project.

“I went to go see the movie. It’s not a bad movie. It really isn’t… it’s f*****g terrible, bro,” he said. “Honestly, from a personal level of somebody that’s born here, that have seen the bad parts of the city and can find a possible resolution, the sh*t is a f*****g spit in the face. …The entire film is worse than what the trailer even put out. The sh*t seem like a straight satirical f*****g comedy. It is a satirical comedy and it’s nothing to make a f*****g joke about. I don’t like it one bit. I really lost 100 percent for Spike Lee and I’m infuriating about this bullsh*t.”

Mojo said he lost family and friends to the City’s violence.

“This coming from somebody that actually lost friends and family members to the gun violence in the f*****g city,” he said.

Mojo is also upset with Spike for having women stage a sex strike as a method to end the violence in the film.

“I honestly believe that it’s degrading to use abstinence to prevent gun violence in the city because there are f*****g mothers and fathers that lost their children from the young ages, from the teenagers to adults and to use that as a remedy to try to end the motherf****g violence, that is a f*****g insult,” he said.

Mojo believe Spike didn’t conduct enough research on his hometown before filming.

“You are the inside looking in,” he said. “You don’t know what the f**k goes on out here. …I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you made me give up all hope into anything you create as of right now into the future and beyond.”

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