Shyne Addresses Kendrick Lamar In ‘King Of NYS’

Shyne is the latest rapper to throw his hat in the ring against Kendrick Lamar to showcase bars not seen in awhile in Hip Hop.

Kendrick Lamar sent shockwaves through the Hip Hop industry after disparaging a slew of the genre’s most popular artists and proclaiming himself the “King of New York” in Big Sean’s “Control.”

Many Hip Hop pundits reasoned Lamar’s verse brought real Hip Hop back.

If Hip Hop was lying dormant, Shyne has awakened the sleeping giant.

Shyne released a response to Lamar with the track “King Of NYS.”

In a visual filmed for the song, Shyne drops vicious bars, rapping, “I’m .. the Supreme, I’m Larry Davis, Michael Conception,
I’m the greatest these rap dudes need to stop busting up these claimer
Listen to the.. man, that’s my life, man that played you
Young and dangerous at the cages
Holly David, my name isn’t gossiped in ages.

Shyne likens himself to the monarch of England, proclaiming to rule New York City even from abroad.

“You were just a canvas stick, the sun is shining/You think this is a joke, you’re the only one you’re smiling/Blood was ..on the sidewalk, just so I remind it/
I run New York, even from an island/
Flex got the bomb at me/
The dope is mine, lil bastards, fall back!” he raps.

Check out Shyne’s “King of NYS”

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