Shyne Advocates the Release of Imprisoned Drug Kingpin Boy George

Shyne is advocating for the release of reputed Bronx drug kingpin Boy George.

Boy George, born George Rivera, is a Puerto Rican sentenced to life imprisonment with no option of parole for distributing heroin and attempted income tax evasion, according to court documents.

Rivera’s drug empire netted a quarter of a million dollars a week in the late 1980s, according to the New Yorker.

Rapper Shyne is advocating the release of Rivera and hopes to spread information of the incarcerated Bronx native to followers. Shyne deems Rivera a political prisoner in the United States’ judicial system.

“What is America if not the land of redemption? ‪@Boy007George deserves to share his message of remorse & redemption with the world!

“America is not built on vengeance & malice! To imprison a man after it no longer serves a purpose is unamerican! Let ‪@Boy007George free!” that rapper wrote on his Twitter account.

Shyne calls America’s prison system a business. Instead of reforming individuals, he says, the prisons returns its prisoners to society as animals with a bleak outlook on their futures.

“G-d bless all the strong beautiful women going to see their husbands Sons brothers & family members today in the state & Feds! I love u!

“The Prison system is a multibillion dollarbusiness Beyond protecting society from the degenerate&dangerous,prisons create customers for life.

“The warehousing of Afro&Latin Americans in America must stop! Besides the rapist molesters & most dangerous, penitentiaries r for penitence!

“Imprison a man, dehumanize him rather than reform &redeem him return him to society as an animal! He is now a customer for life! Recidivism

Shyne wrote everyone deserves a second chance in life. Prisons, he said, doesn’t provide prisoners a chance at a new beginning.

“Every body deserves a second chance! Not just the rich & privileged! Not just Barack Hussein Obama No one is perfect! Prison is not a chance”

Read more about Boy George’s case by clicking here.

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