Shyne Supports U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

Shyne is backing a planned U.S. military assault on Syria rebuking an alleged chemical assault that killed hundreds of the Middle Eastern country’s own people.

The U.S. accused Syria of using chemical weapons to kill hundreds of people in an Aug. 21 chemical attack in Damascus.

The “King of NYS” rapper called for the removal of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad from power through means of forceful intervention from the international community.

“‪@BarackObama Assad’s regime needs to be removed immediately, what type of message is the international community sending with no consequence,” Shyne wrote.

Shyne regarded U.S intervention as a moral issue, asking, “…What kind of people are we to stand by & allow civilians to be gassed?

Obama is placing a call for military action on hold hoping diplomacy will resolve the matter.

Russian and U.S officials have met for talks to discuss plans to disarm the Middle Eastern country of the weapons.

Syria submitted documents to begin the formal process of joining the Chemical Weapons Convention, which will place its chemical weapons under international control. The Chemical Weapons Convention treaty, enacted in 1997, bans the production, stockpiling and use of deadly chemical weapons.

Until recently, Syria was one of five countries to not sign the treaty, including Angola, North Korea, Egypt and South Sudan.

But Shyne proclaims this act alone is not enough to stop Assad and his reign of terror.

“@BarackObama under what rule of law does this scumbag Assad murder his citizens then turns over the Chemicals & that’s it?

“@BarackObama this must be a bad joke Assad should’ve been removed one hundred thousand bodies before he used chemical weapons

“@BarackObama the use of chemical weapons was just the ultimate act of barbarism but Assad is a mass murder without chemical weapons

“@BarackObama so what if Assad turns over his chemical weapons? He will just continue the mass murder of civilians using other means

“@BarackObama Assad needs to go, he is a mass murderer with or without chemical weapons!” Shyne wrote.

Shyne additionally slammed Russia and its president Vladimir Putin citing the world power’s special interest in the Middle Eastern country’s gas pipelines.

“What planet does ‪@BarackObama live on? This entire Russian brokered deal Bull Sh*t pardon my French but I’m in France right now

“When did Russia become the moral world leader? Putin is a stone cold gangster who puts the hit on anyone who opposes his regime

“@BarackObama the president of the USA used to be the leader of the international community now your letting gangster Putin run the show

“@BarackObama the only reason Russia is getting involved is to protect the gas pipelines that run from Syria to Russia

“@BarackObama unbelievable, Assad has slaughtered hundreds of thousand of his citizens & your letting Russia save this scumbag?

“@BarackObama Russia has no interest in ending the genocide in Syria, Putins only interest is protect his gas pipe lines !!!” Shyne said.

The Syrian civil war has claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people since the uprising against Assad began in 2011.

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