Smylez and Hittz Go 12 Rounds In ‘Fighters’ Music Video, Featuring Cassidy Zander

They should’ve never underestimated Smylez. The producer/rapper from Chicago’s 069 neighborhood is now a known musician on the scene.

All it took was a mic, keyboard and macbook for Smylez to make a way. The memory of Smylez’s lost friends also motivate him to keep going.

Smylez is simply a fighter. When life throws a haymaker, he counters. Hittz is also battling a similar fight in this match we call life.

Smylez raps, I remember when they told me I wasn’t fly enough to be a rapper they liked/Now I got all this Versace, the pilot will delay the plane if I’m late for the flight.”

Hittz follows, rapping, “For that struggle, gotta use your muscle like you body building/Funny how even the good ones die, I call that Robin Williams.”

Cassidy Zander lends her vocals to this motivational record. This single appears on Smylez’s “Drill For A Deal” project, which is now available on iTunes.

Check out this Ogun Pleas Films-directed music video above.

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