Smylez and Jank- ‘They Thought It Was Over’ Music Video

They thought it was over for Smylez. Well, they are sadly mistaken. Smylez been making moves, and still is. A lot of geniuses hustle in silence. But something or someone has gotten Chi Town super-producer mad, and he’s voicing it in his hot new record, featuring Jank.

Smylez raps, “My n****s insane, you can’t tell us sh*t/I’m in this thing until it’s over/Riding in the car til it flip over/All my n****s blowing for them chips/Blow that chip off of your shoulder/They say global warming just hit, but my wrist only got colder.”

Jank follows Smylez, rapping, “Thought this n***a was dead and gone/P***y n***a, you was dead wrong/Catch a n***a lacking on the corner/Got this 40, he gone get this lead alone.”

This single comes as Smylez preps the release of his upcoming project “Drill For Deal.”

Ogun Pleas Films hooked up the visual project on this one. Watch above.

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