Ohio Rapper TLB$ Drops New Music Video “Withdraws”

Born & raised Canton, Ohio rapper TLB$ went through trials and tribulations in his life, but he was able to overcome those obstacles on his road to success. TLB$ never forgot who left him high and dry when he needed help the most. He touches on this periodically in his new music video “Withdraws.” The young Ohio rapper starts off the song rapping, N*ggas switch up on you when it’s rainy…but on Sunny days, they wanna come around you when they see you in a better place.” Later in the verse, he goes on to say he got some tissues for b*tches who wish they never left him.

TLB$ once served time in jail on a gun case when he was just 23-years-old. This probably explains the trust issues he has with people. TLB$ raps, “I don’t kick it with n*ggas, being fake is like a disease.” TLB$ knows when someone isn’t real by looking in their eyes. He raps, “I know you don’t mean it cause you ain’t look me in my eyes.”

Earlier in his verse, TLB$ mentioned he had tissues for b*tches that wish they never left him. Towards the end of song TLB$ raps, “Back when I was broke she
hit my jpay said she need some space…now that I got money, I guess now she wanna get a taste. All these b*tches choosey, only crave you if you getting cake.”

The Canton, Ohio native gets real personal in this record. Check out TLB$’s “Withdraws” music video below:

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