Soulja Boy Calls Off $100K Bounty On Rico Recklezz After Chiraq OGs Step In

Soulja Boy’s decision to announce a $100,000 bounty on Rico Recklezz’s life appears to have backfired. A few Chicago OGs have stepped in to make sure Rico is good.

Footage hit the net showing some OGs speaking with Soulja Boy on FaceTime.

“We don’t do the threats. Don’t ever think you can put no money on a n****’s head from Chicago, ’cause it ain’t about no money down here,” the OG said. “It’s easy to find ya, blood. And you see you ain’t hard to find, n***a, period.”

Soulja Boy replied, saying he wasn’t serious about the proposed hit.

“That n***a put my name in a song, bro,” he said. “Them tweets weren’t even about him. I’m on paperwork right now, so we don’t even play those types of games. Ain’t nobody gon’ put no money on nobody’s head, none of that bro. A n***a just need to holla at me… I need me and him to talk, feel me.”

The OG replied, “Now that a motherf****r got a direct on you, right? We in Cali right now, right? Once we get back to the city, we gon’ run it by shorty. For now, we gon’ cease the bullsh*t, especially the threats.”

Soulja Boy put a price on Rico Recklezz’s head after the Chi Town rapper dissed him in “No Talking.”

Rico got at Soulja, rapping, “Soulja h*e a– keep dissing Yachty, his b***h a– ain’t even got no bodies/Talking tough on Twitter, but his scary was scared to come to the lobby.”

Rico stepped in Soulja Boy’s beef with Lil Yachty last week. Soulja threatened to kill Yachty if he pulled up in Chiraq after the two fell out over model India Love.

Rico told Yachty he was good in his hometown.

Rico tweeted Yachty, writing, “@lilyachty IM N CHICAGO RIGHT NOW U GOOD U CAN PULL UP WHEREVER I BET N****Z DONT TOUCH U ITS MERCHED [100] @souljaboy.”

Yachty replied to Rico, writing, “u no I’m f****n wit u gang love.”

Soulja Boy wasn’t too pleased with Rico’s diss track and threatened to also have him killed.

“I just made a million dollars what I look like Dissin an unsigned Chicago rapper? F**k rap beef we really doing drills. He want some clout

“He go be dead before 2017. We sliding. I got 100k on his head,” Soulja wrote in now-deleted tweets.

Rico screen captured the posts on his IG account. The Chi Town rapper didn’t seem fazed.

Rico then challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing match.


Soulja has yet to respond to Rico’s boxing challenge.

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