Soulja Boy Says Him and Lil Yachty Don’t Have Real Beef

Soulja Boy says him and Lil Yachty are no longer beefing. Soulja boy spoke on his issues with Yachty on IG Live.

“Me and Lil Yachty, that wasn’t real beef. That’s clout. That’s publicity,” Soulja said. “Me and Lil Yachty got music together. That was just a misunderstanding between two bros. You ain’t got no real friends if y’all don’t get into arguments.”

Soulja continued, “I f**k with Lil Yachty. When I first met Lil Yachty, he came to my crib. He was like, ‘Man, Soulja I listened to your music when I was growing up. I f**k with you.’ I’m like, ‘I f**k with you, too. Keep doing your thing.”

Watch above.

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