Stitches Reacts To Footage Of Himself Getting Jumped

Footage of Stitches getting jumped by his own crew leaked online Friday. Stitches’ attackers accuse him of snitching on them.

Stitches has since spoken out about the leaked footage.

“Ain’t sh*t to a G like me cause it show me you can’t trust nobody,” he said. “But I promise you ain’t nobody gon catch me slipping again.”

Stitches also expressed his thoughts on the matter in his IG caption:

“They wanna bring me down when in reality it ain’t gonna do sh*t. Only p*****s jump someone. And only snakes set people up. Thanks to all the reall ones who recognize a real one. #f*ckafriend… At the end of the day the ones who did it are irrelevant. And I remember them begging me for sh*t like a kid at a toy store before.

Yea Yea people are going to talk sh*t like they always do but let you get jumped by ur own friends which u have no hatred towards and let’s see how surprised and shocked ur going to react. At the moment, you don’t know and ur mind can’t understand what is happening ur instinct is to cover up and protect ur self and get away from what’s happening. Then reality hits you. This isn’t about being hard this is about this is about being hard this is about betrayal, and the footage shows it. With that in mind, I want to thank my fans for the support, love and back up thru this whole mess. I won’t let you down, LETS MAKE SOMEMUSIC!!!! F*ck the bullshit. This making me more money. Sometime the person you’ll take a bullet for is the one behind the trigger. Smh”

Stitches recently took to social media to reveal his eye was swollen after getting jumped by his own guys on Saturday. This occurred a day after The Game’s manager knocked him out and busted his lip.

“So everybody that’s wondering, yeah I got jumped today,” he said. “And I got sucker punched by The Game’s manager. It’s been a rough two days but I’m boutta go snort some cocaine. I ain’t go show you my face cause the sh*t is ugly ass hell right now. But I promise you I’m still standing like Tupac, right n***a?”

Stitches would later show his injuries in another video posted online.

“Yeah, I got sucker punched the other day,” he said. “Nobody hiding their face. And I got jumps by my own n****s yesterday. N***a, all yall p***y.”

Stitches revealed in the caption of his post that his face is fractured.

He wrote, “My face is fractured right now I can’t see out one eye. That’s all you could pay them n****s to do to me hahahahahahabaha. This ain’t nothing . You can shoot me next and I’ll still laugh. At the end of the day everyone knows you were scared to walk up that day. Everyone knows when you were hitting 40 glock ur boys had guns pointed at him. And everyone knows you been knocked out cold 2 times once in the mall and once in France. Show everyone you a Gangsta and lets’ step in the ring. A man to man fight. Even if you loose I’ll give you the props for being a man. Let me know the city and time and I’ll be out there p***y. Stop paying people for protection. Anybody who wants to see this tag him. @losangelesconfidential punk h*e. And to all my real fans who rocking wit me I love all y’all. This sh*t don’t make me or break me. And stop paying people to make fake sh*t up about me. Your gonna be broke by the time I’m dead.”

The caption on another IG post, read, “I’m laughing all day. Come kill me. That’s the only thing that gone shut me up. Thanks to all my real fans out there who realized that a sucker punch don’t mean nothing. Everyone else suck my d**k. And since you still in my city stop hiring so much security and meet me and throw hands. Every man takes a fall. But it takes a real man to get back up. F**k friends f**k everyone. Come get me again. The game knows he was scare to walk up to me my eyes were on him and him only. And the n****s I was with did t do sh*t. they fired. And for the cheap shot f****t your so short I could even see you coming. He landed a clean one tho. There is always a consequence believe that. Get ready to see the new video of me getting jumped.”

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