Student in Critical Condition after Kappa Alpha Psi Hazing Incident

Deshawn Scoggins

An Arkansas Tech student is in critical condition at a hospital after being brutally beaten in an alleged hazing ritual conducted by Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Deshawn Scoggins, a junior, was admitted into the hospital last week. Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, which has been on the campus for only two years, has been suspended.

Members of the fraternity responsible for Scoggins’ beating may face felony battery charges, Fox 16 reports.

“Any type of report that we get about hazing, we respond to, and we respond to it very quickly and take it very seriously because it’s not something we would ever tolerate,” Arkansas Tech Dean of Students Amy Pennington told Fox 16.

Susie Nicholson, vice president of student services and university relations at Arkansas Tech University, told CBS 11 the university has strict guidelines against hazing and requires students to “sign an agreement before entering a fraternity or sorority stating they will not partake in such activities.”

Nicholson stated Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity has only “three members.” She noted an improvement in the condition of Scoggins and says the university is investigating the alleged hazing incident.

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