Mixtape Review: Swagg Dinero- ‘10 Days In County’

It should be known at this point who deserves the title of Chicago Hip Hop’s top workaholic. Swagg presented fans another mixtape project less than three months after the release of “Boss Up.”

Swagg’s “10 Days In County” is his first project to begin 2014. Swagg tapped familiar faces to host this project, including, DJ Shon, DJ Amaris and DJ Suspence.

Swagg Dinero’s legal woes inspired this tape. The Bricksquad rapper shed light on his current dilemma during an interview with Only 4 The Real, stating he was battling a weapons charge. Swagg’s charge led to a stint in jail and an ongoing court battle.

Swagg hinted details of his charge in the mixtape-titled track “10 Days In County,” rapping, “I was home not too long, f*cked around and went right back/It ain’t s**t but a cell, that’s what comes with toting straps/I been gone way too long, but don’t trip Dinero back.”

In this game called life, a person learns not everyone is his or her friend. Swagg know this and steps on the heads of “Snakes.” Swagg issued a public service announcement to all of his enemies.

Swagg took a line out of brother Lil JoJo’s rhyme book, rapping, “And this is not a diss song, this is just a message.”

Swagg continues, rapping, “N****s snakes, so you better watch who you trust/Same n***a you link up with, same n***a will get you f****d up.”

Swagg called out the snakes. He next calls out the fake in song “Everybody Ain’t Real.”

He raps, “Everybody ain’t real, this industry so fugazy, that’s why I ain’t signed a deal/Cause I need a couple mil, yeah I need a couple mil/Sign for the 300 what?/Get the f**k up out my ear/I just did 10 days on the motherf****g 10th/I swear I ain’t going back, but only God will see my fear.”

Swagg goes crazy in “For None.” Swagg dares anyone to come try him, rapping, “I’m on my s**t, that’s why they hating/Plot on me, but I keep (?), so I escape/And we don’t f**k around with Treys/It’s I’s an Rakes/You run up on me with no gun, a big mistake/If you want it, know we got it, come f**k with us/If you want it, come and try it.”

Swagg carried this intense energy into track “Sh*t,” rapping, “I hear n****s screaming bout they with that savage life/Straight p***y, I can tell you aint about that life/If you a killer motherf****r, come and show me/I aint with the talking (?), p***y n***a that’s the old me/Boss s**t, tell my little n****s grab that tech.”

Swagg keeps his fans in the know on what’s going on with his life. A stint in jail would be a hindrance to an artist’s career, but Swagg used his current dilemma as fuel for this tape. Swagg’s music can be viewed as an ongoing biography in his short career as an MC. I look forward to listening to more upcoming chapters from his life.

Download/stream Swagg Dinero’s “10 Days In County” below.

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