Swagg Dinero Blasts BallOut Over Soulja Boy’s Jesus Piece Chain

The BallOut and Soulja Boy Jesus Piece chain story gets more complex by the minute.

It was recently revealed BallOut had Lil Durk retrieve the chain from Iowans. This comes following the melee that occurred in Davenport, IA months in June where BallOut lost the chain following a fight with Mubu.

But the story on how BallOut actually obtained the jewelry was initially unclear. BallOut claimed to jacked the chain from Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy alleged the chain was taken from his home when he was not home.

But evidence suggests Soulja Boy lent the chain to BallOut. BallOut just didn’t give it back.

Swagg Dinero slammed BallOut for lying about taking the chain.

“Ballout a b----. He ain’t take s---,” he wrote.

It was in April when all hell broke loose after Soulja Boy blasted BallOut for allegedly taking the chain from his home.

Soulja Boy sent a series of tweets disparaging the “I Got A Bag” rapper.

“F--- these fake a-- n-----

“You can’t phase a boss n----

“Real n----- do real things fake n----- do fake things. A snake is a snake. A broke n---- will stay broke,” he wrote.

“You ain’t take s--- ‪@GBE_BALLOUT ur boy Tadoe not getting his fake a-- watch back either. F--- that fake a-- chain that’s not mines stupid,” he wrote.

“Take a picture of the back of the chain if u so smart b---- ‪@GBE_BALLOUT we not hiding come to secret Sundays 2nite see u there broke boy

“See what u get when u try to show broke boys love a n---- grabbing a fake chain that’s not urs while ur away from home lol smh f--- em

“A n---- ain’t do nothing but show they true colors n---- that’s all

“Ballout grabbed a fake Jesus chain from my house while i wasn’t home so we took Tadoe watch now we even i will never f--- will y’all again,” he wrote.

Despite Soulja’s claims of BallOut stealing the chain from his home, it was learned this wasn’t true. BallOut just simply didn’t return the item.

Former SOD artist John Boy shed light on the ordeal in a vlog.

“I f--- with GBE n-----. Them and Soulja got problems, but at the end of the day you gotta realize that s--- was between BallOut and Soulja Boy. BallOut took Soulja chain. Whatever the case may be. That’s they business. When it’s time for Soulja to get his s--- back, Soulja Boy wanna get everybody that don’t f--- with GBE to kind of fight his battle.”

John Boy explained Soulja Boy had an opportunity to ask for his chain back, but acted cowardly.

“Yall was in the studio,” he said. “You face to face with BallOut. You wanted you chain back, get your chain back. Don’t ask for other n----- to help you fight. He face to face with you. He told you whatever the case may be, bruh. That’s what its gotta be.”

Soulja Boy claimed his Jesus piece necklace was robbed from his home Saturday, April 6, but photographic evidence shows BallOut had the chain as early as Jan. 15.

BallOut was featured in Fredo Santana’s”Trap Life” music video and can be seen wearing the chain. The video was uploaded to Youtube on Jan. 22.

BallOut boasted taking the chain on social media and even threatened to physically assault Soulja Boy.

“@souljaboy Im Pistol Whippin Yu Wen I See Yu Dre Ur Not A Soulja ErrBody Know BallOut Took DeAndre Chain Tadoe What?You Wasn’t N Sight?” BallOut wrote on Twitter.

BallOut purports to have stolen Soulja Boy’s gold Jesus piece chain.

“ME N My N----- We Str8 Takn S--- #Squadddddddd


“N L.A. Pushin On N----- Jus Too This N---- @souljaboy Chain Des N----- Fak As S--- I B Takin S--- #300shit,” BallOut wrote.

The “I Got A Bag” rapper even took to Instagram post a photo of himself wearing the jewelry.

“#ForGotTooUpload #BossShit,” the caption on the photo read.

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