T.I. Reacts To Chief Keef’s Arrest For Home Invasion and Assault

Chief Keef’s arrest for home invasion and assault has been the continued topic of Hip Hop for the past few weeks.

T.I. even weighed in on Sosa’s legal woes during an IG Live session.

“It’s good to hear Chief Keef done got himself out of [jail]. He’s just going to have to fight this sh*t now. You know what I’m saying, that’s real bullsh*t,” T.I. said. “I don’t know what the f*ck went on, but how that sh*t played out, that’s some real bullshit.”

Chief Keef is now free after spending more than a day in LAPD Valley Jail. Sosa was released from jail after posting his $500,000 bail, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s online inmate records.

Sosa was arrested at his Tarzana home for his alleged role in the home invasion robbery.

LAPD Officer Aareon Jefferson told the Los Angeles Daily News he arrested Sosa after a search warrant was served for the alleged Jan. 19 robbery in the San Fernando Valley.

Sosa has proclaimed his innocence amid Ramsay’s damaging claims.

“I ain’t do nothing,” Sosa said in the comment section of ManeMane4CGG’s IG Live video.

Sosa’s accuser Ramsay Tha Great rejoiced after hearing news of his arrest.

“It’s real sad to see my black community condone home invasion, armed robbery with a deadly assault hitting me in the face with an AK-47,” Ramsay said. “It’s crazy y’all condone that. And now that he’s locked up cause he chose to make that stupid decision, come in my house and do that, I’m the bad guy for putting him in jail? He chose to do that to me. Y’all generation is f*****d up. I told y’all this was gon happen, but y’all said I was lying. It’ s Chief Keef fault. …This ain’t Grand Theft auto. He been playing to much of that. It’s real life. He can’t do that.”

Ramsay took to IG immediately after the alleged assault to show his injuries.

In an IG post showing himself with cuts, marks and bruises on his face along with a swollen eye and neck brace, Ramsay captioned his post, “[Chief Keef] now if I was a celebrity I wouldn’t come personally jump a person with you five friends and a Ak 47 that’s just dumb your famous ……… now I’m taking everything from you . U really just f----- up dude coming to my house with your phone in your pocket with the location on…….. yea I’m pressing charges on yo a--. You a f------ low life mf n----- out here tryna do positive s--- and you still on some goofy Chicago s--- . We’ll see u in court.”

Ramsay said he was going to sue Chief Keef, alleging the Glo Gang rapper stole $1,600, a Rolex and an iPhone from him.

“Listen, all the white people on my page talking about kill Chief Keef, do all this, shoot back, I’m a f***k n***a, snitching and all this other s**t. N***a, I don’t give a f**k,” Ramsay said. “He dumb enough to have a $6 million record deal and come in my house and jump me personally, some of that money is coming to me you goofy a-- n***a. Anybody who got anything to say about it, I don’t give a f**k. Suck my d**k. I’ma be laughing. All y’all little white kids, y’all just wanna keep the cycle going. All these little white kids, ‘You supposed to kill him, f**k the court s**t.’ F**k the court s**t? I’ finna win $300,000. What are you talking about.”

Ramsay continued to explain the incident in subsequent posts.

“I’m chilling in the house, sleeping, I get into an argument with Uncle Ro’s wife Kelly,” he said. “The argument end. I go back into my room, sleep. She called Chief Keef and tried to put him on the phone with me, telling me to calm down. I’m like, ‘I’m calm. I’m just tryna put my point across.’ I go to sleep, 15 minutes later somebody kicing down my door talking about it’s Sosa. So I open my door I done produced a song for him, met him a couple times, I ain’t think nothing was wrong. I opened the door, he pushed me in. A n***a behind him got a draco, AK-47 looking thing. He start hitting me in the face. Tadoe start hitting me in the face. N****s can call me rat, all that. I ain’t never claim to be a gangster, none of that or nothing. I always just claimed to be a producer. Y’all can say I’m a rat or whatever y’all wanna do. But hey, see you in court. He stole me $1600, he stole my ring, he stole my Rolex. I just think someone with $6 million would be a little bit smarter about their actions and showing their face. That’s just not smart.”

Ramsay said he is seeking six figures in a lawsuit.

“This ugly a-- face just talked to the lawyer,” Ramsay said. “Ugly a-- face finna have a lot of money. We finna get some money off this face. It’s some money coming from this face. Civil case coming soon. And we talking six figures. Call me everything while I’m laughing to the bank. I came out on top. Who won? I did.”

Today, Ramsay took to IG to explain the reasoning behind his actions, saying he wants to end the cycle of black-on-black violence.

“I’m a young black man from Chicago who decided to stop the cycle,” he said. “Maybe this next generation will look at me like damn, we don’t gotta shoot back. We can stop the cycle just right here. Y’all don’t get what I’m doing, y’all not looking out for your community. Y’all don’t even understand. Half of the people commenting saying I’m a rat, I’m a snitch, I broke the code. Y’all lost in the system. Y’all just lost black men. I’m ding what I’m doing because it’s right. He [Chief Keef] shouldn’t have did what he did.”

“I’m showing an example to young black men from city we can do it a different way,” he continued. “We don’t have to kill each other like they want us to.”

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