Tay600 Goes Ape Sh*t For LA Capone In ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Mixtape (Review)

Tay600 had big expectations for his debut mixtape “My Brother’s Keeper.” “I’m expecting to crash all sites,” Tay600 told USD2R Mag. “F-ck the streets up, turn the streets up. I’m expecting a lot of people to feel it. I’m expecting a lot of calls from a couple labels.”

The Team600 rapper recorded this project in honor of slain friend LA Capone. Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was gunned down Sept. 26, 2013 while leaving a recording studio.

“That came from what I felt like I was,” Tay told Hip Hops Revival. “I felt like I was my brother’s keeper. Folks got killed. Before he got killed, he heard my first track. When folks got killed I said I’ma take off with this sh-t. At the same time with me taking off I was gonna dedicate a lot of that sh-t to him. It’s like that’s my brother’s keeper. My whole mixtape dedicated to him. It will be only right to say ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’”

Tay600 held true to his word. The spirit of LA guided Tay as he went Ape Sh-t on this tape.

Tay600 gets right to it in his new DJ L-produced opening record “No Hook.” And he ain’t even need a hook on the beat. There are even hints of Lil Herb’s signature flow in Tay’s record. Something or someone has Tay incensed in this record as he raps, “All yo n–gas, they losing, we winning/Have a shorty shoot you in yo fitted/Talking crazy, come through where you sitting/Catch him lacking, red light then he finished.” Tay’s song comes as he preps the release of his debut mixtape “My Brother’s Keeper.” Listen to Tay600’s “No Hook” below.

Who said Chiraq couldn’t go toe to toe lyrically with NYC? Tay600 and YMCMB artist Cory Gunz trade hardcore bars on song “30 Shotz.”

Cory spits that gun talk, rapping, “One-thousand percent, my n-ggas about that smoke/Squeeze on them triggers like they broke/And don’t try to forget that n-gga got that scope/Hit ya b-tch a-- in the whip, bout to go.”

Tay600 follows Cory, rapping, “That’s all that be up on my block/Toting that Smith & Wessons or that glock/Caught his snoozing, 40 got him woke/Tear him off with that torch with a mop/DOA leave em dead without a hope.”

Tay600 needs them hundreds like Team600 brother Hoodo. Tay raps, “I need them hundreds like Hoodo/This Lean done got me on Pluto/I’m screaming ‘R.I.P. Pluto.’/My pockets fat like a Sumo/Got kick stands, ain’t talking Judo.”

Tay600 is on fire right now. He proclaims himself as the hottest in his city. A lot of people make claims to be the best. Tay can actually back it up with his bars. He heats up this track, rapping, “R.I.P. my bro LA, I miss him dearly/I was giving opps that work, so n-ggas fear me.”

Tay600 is cut from a different cloth. Tay proclaims not much people are built like him and Team600 in his DL production. This is because he’s not afraid to let shots go off.

He raps, “They ain’t built like me n-ggas wanna blow steel like me/F-ck around you get killed by me/You can get your sh-t peeled by me/You can catch me in the club with no I.D.

Tay600 is ready for guerilla warfare as he goes ape sh-t in his Young Chop production. Tay’s environment is similar to a zoo. His guys are “Gorillaz” on the set. Tay raps, “I got some over East, got some over West, but they all some drillers/And if I make one phone call than they going gorillas/Animals on my block and they be going gorillas.”

Tay600 resurrected the spirit of LA Capone for song “D-Block Sh-t.” Capone is heard in a verse and a hook.

Tay goes in on his King Leeboy production, rapping, “We gang banging, that’s everyday/Smoking dope make me levitate/On my wrist, it’s a bezel face/Reach for it, won’t hesitate/Tryna move my family to a better state/Boss n-gga, you a featherweight/Took my bro, now it’s hell to pay/Run up on him, now that’s for LA.”

One thing Tay600 doesn’t do is the “Twitter Beef.” Bite Down and Jojizzle also dislike keyboard warriors. Tay takes aim at E-Thugs in Cashmoney AP production, rapping, “F-ck that Twitter beef, I come and clap you in yo hood/Post 30s with a beam, better stop lacking in yo hood/We come through make a scene, better be packing yo hood.”

LA Capone is most likely looking down on Tay with a proud smile on his face. Tay600 gave this project top-notch effort. Capone will surely watch over Tay600 as he continues navigate his way through the underground and ultimately the industry.

Stream/download Tay600’s “My Brother’s Keeper” below.

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