Tayo Dollaz On His Hustle In ‘Yall Aint On Point’ Mixtape

Tayo Dollaz is an up and coming rapper on the South Side of Chicago. Tayo, who has been active on the underground scene for several years, released his latest mixtape “Yall Ain’t On Point” at the close of March. The tape is still in rotation on the streets of Chiraq as the season nears the summer.

Tayo Dollaz opens his mixtape expressing his need to hustle to survive in his Snapback-produced track.

Tayo raps, “Came a long way, cross so many roads/I’ll never bend, I’ll never fold/I gotta get my pockets swoll/Yall on slow, I’m on go/I can’t stop, I won’t stop until I reached the promise land.”

Swagg Dinero make a guest feature on track “No Weight,” a That Guy Freaky Ty production. Tayo and Swagg slam those with fake clout.

Tayo hits the track, rapping, “Your name don’t hold no weight/Claim you real, but you n*ggas so fake/You n*ggas ain’t getting no cake/How you balling, still hopping on crates.”

Swagg follows Tayo, rapping, “I’m in this game with a bunch of sneak dissers, don’t think it’s no escape/You don’t hold no weight, don’t make no noise, ain’t no drugs on the plates/When you n*ggas gon stop?/When you n*ggas gon take a break/I can tell they hating on me, wake up it’s everyday.”

Tayo’s tape includes 22 tracks of original music with a slew of guest features. Other standout tracks on the tape include “Winner,” “Bag Loaded,” “Free Da Guys” and “In The Ghetto,” to name a few. Production on the tape is handled by DaChiMusic, GeekBoyy, Stasia, The Legendary Traxster and Scrilla.”

Download Tayo Dollaz’ “Yall Ain’t On Point” mixtape below.

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