TaySav- ‘Letter To Pappy (The Reply)’

TayDaProducer stepped from behind the MPC and in front of the mic in his latest song. His stage name is TaySav because he goes into savage mode when he is spitting rhymes. TaySav pours his heart out over his Da Zombeez production as he rhymes aloud a letter he wrote to his slain brother Young Pappy.

TaySav raps, “Man, Pappy I miss you/We was on that gang sh*t everyday/But n****s turned fu, we gotta find a better way/My OG crying heavy on me everyday/I tell em be patient, we gon see better days.”

It appears we’re going to see more of TaySav. We can’t wait to see more of what he has to offer to the rap game.

Listen to TaySav’s “Letter To Pappy (The Reply)” above.

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