Teanna Trump Reveals She Caught An STD

Teanna Trump is open about her sexual history. Teanna revealed during a recent interview with Adam22 of No Jumper she caught an STD.

Teanna spoke about protecting herself by limiting her amount sex partners when speaking about college tours she does.

“I do college tours, don’t get it twisted, but it’s every now and again,” she said. “If I do it all the time, I might get sick. These men are dirty.”

Adam22’s co-host Lena The Plug then asked Teanna if she’s ever had an STD.

Lena asked, “Have you ever been burned?”

“Yes, b***h,” Teanna replied.

Lena then went onto say that she and Adam have caught an STD as well.

Teanna said catching a STD is to be expected in her line of work.

“When you play volleyball, you scrape your knees every now and then,” Teanna said. “In soccer, you scrape your knee.”

In January, Teanna revealed during an interview with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed of LA’s 92.3 The Real that she was very promiscuous in high school having 86 bodies her senior year.

Teanna said she would drive to the college campuses of Indiana University and Notre Dame to sleep with people.

Teanna kept track of her sexual exploits in a little black book. A friend suggested Teanna enter the adult realm, so she could make money.

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