Tee Grizzley Reacts To Cancelled Performance In Chiraq

Tee Grizzley was scheduled to perform at VLive in Chicago on Saturday, June 3, but the performance was cancelled.

The Detroit rapper spoke on the cancelled performance in a short video.

“Picked up my money from one of my favorite areas, Bay Area,” Grizzley said. “Chicago, we gotta do better man. I missed out on this last night cause of some fu s**t. VLive, y’all gotten tighten up, man. Don’t be believing everything y’all hear on this Internet s**t.”

Rumors cite threats from the JoJo World camp was to blame for Grizzley’s cancelled performance

P. Rico and Swagg Dinero shared Tee Grizzley’s “cancelled” flier onto their IG.

P. Rico captioned his post, “@tee_grizzley Dey Calling Saving U, Idgaf Who U Link Wit Slide.”

@tee_grizzley Dey Calling Saving U , ? Idgaf Who U Link Wit Slide ??

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JoJo World is upset with Tee Grizzley for name-dropping Lil JoJo in “No Effort.”

In the original version of song “No Effort,” Tee Grizzley raps, “Extendo on the glock, that b***h long as a pogo/Let Lil Durk music get you hype and join JoJo.”

Tee Grizzley has since removed the disrespectful JoJo line from the record.

The new version has Tee rapping, “Extendo on the glock, that b***h long as a pogo/In Chicago, at Soho/FN like I’m Ro-Ro.”

P. Rico was especially upset with Grizzley for name-dropping JoJo.

Rico shared a screenshot of Tee Grizzley’s “No Effort” music video on to his IG with a caption, reading, “Y you b***h a-- rappers always dissing my homie nay o a-- gon die @tee_grizzley & otha fu a-- rappers yall see why I don’t do songs with yall b***h a-- na get it in blood idgaf no mo on lil bro green light.”

Rico shared another post, reading, “Den yo b***h a-- gon change yo lyrics mistake a-- n****s f**k all yo dead homies pidd.”

King Yella also issued a message to Grizzley.

“Tee Grizzley, what you on shorty? Let JoJo rest in peace,” Yella sais. “Come one shorty, stay yo a-- on that Detroit s**t. Don’t put yourself in no Chicago bulls**t. Motherf****r get to some money. That s**t ain’t for you, shorty. Chase that s**t a whole nother way. Motherf****s chase that s**t a whole nother way. Motherf*****s die over this s**t everyday. Let shorty rest in peace. R.I.P JoJo. That’s a b***h a-- tech you pulled with that gay a-- s**t. At least you changed that s**t, but you knew what you was saying when you said it. …Don’t do that s**t no more. Motherf****r won’t perform in no city that got something to do with Chicago.”

#kingyella reacts to #teegrizzley mentioning #liljojo in #noeffort ? #detroit #chiraq #joyrd #jojoworld

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