Texas Rapper Go Yayo Claims He Coined ‘Gang Gang’ Phrase

Was #Texas artist #GoYayo the originator of the phrase “Gang Gang?” 🤔

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Texas rapper Go Yayo is making some bold claims. The “Dammit Man” rapper claims he coined the phrase “gang gang.”

Go Yayo wrote on Twitter, “I made gang gang what it is check the dates f**k n***a and I’ll slap any rapper say I didn’t.”

Go Yayo may need to recheck his dates. We can vouch that the phrase originated in South Side Chicago. Though it’s arguable which Chicago rapper popularized it.

FBG Clout Boys were the first Chicago rap group we heard say the phrase on wax.

G Herbo told followers on IG he is the first rapper to say “gang.”

Who started the #gang ad-lib: #chiefkeef or #gherbo ?? #glogang #nlmb

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Herb posted a Hip Hop fact by chiraq fan IG account that read, “Lil Herb started that GANG! Adlib …before him nobody was randomly screaming out GANG! in music.”

Herb captioned his post, “&& Ya Better Believe it b----!!!!”

Herb’s claim didn’t sit right with some of his fans though.

IG user tygguod4100 wrote, “Sosa did den u.”

Herb replied, “@tyggoud4100 Smack yoself b***h!”

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