The Game Praises 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka, Wants To Work With Jay Z

The Game reaffirmed to fans he is no longer beefing with 50 Cent. The former G-Unit member went on a drunken rant on Instagram, revealing he was a fan of Fif’s Effen Vodka liquor beverage:

“@50Cent now n***a, I been quiet for 10 years…… But I’m off this Effen tonite cause the club ran outta whatever the f**k else I was drinking so I said f**k it… Me n this n***a used to be tigt as @Kehlani p***y [& no I haven’t f***d I’m just guessing it’s tight] so gimme that Effen since I ran thru 40 bottles of #AppleCiroc in #LeJardin tonite…. #iGotTheReceipt to prove it !!!!!! & then as I start drinking the #EFFENVODKA I thought to myself….. This bullsh*t is actually amazing……. As soon as I took my 1st shot I felt like everybody in the club had took the same 2 shots I did cause they were all staring at me, as if they needed me to give them some direction.. & what I do ???”

Also worth mentioning about Game’s post was him wanting to work Jay Z. Game stated he was subscribed to Jay Z’s Tidal before requesting a featured from the Roc Nation CEO.

“Hov, I need a feature… Cause I’ve matured well beyond the years of me being 23 years old dropping the DOPEST ALBUM OF 2005…… #TheDocumentary was #CLASSIC wasn’t it?????” he wrote. “I’m only asking HOV…. Well, @pharrell too because he’ll be honest in telling Jay-Z I’m the most underrated lyricist EVER !!!!! Basically….. I’m that n***a 11 years, 29 million albums sold & 4 kids later im still #SOLO.”

Game’s post has since been removed, but they say liquor is a truth serum. Perhaps, a Game record with both 50 Cent and Jay Z could be happening soon. We can only hope.

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