The Game Says MGK Won The Rap Beef With Eminem

The Game offered his shocking opinion on the winner of the MGK and Eminem rap beef. He believes Machine Gune Kelly won the rap beef! Check out what he had to say:

“Speaking honestly, I would have to say Machine Gun Kelly. I felt like Em did what I expected him to do, but nothing to catch up to where hip hop is today. I feel like Machine Gun Kelly really gave his all like a young hungry dude did. Eminem was Eminem. It was great. Before I heard Machine Gun Kelly, I was like, “Oh Eminem is killing it.” It’s a lot of people probably hate me for this, but I don’t really give af. It was like one of those moments where you have two and you’re about to announce who’s the winner and then they hold Machine Gun Kelly’s hand up and then Eminem is like, “No f*cking way” and everybody is like, “Booooo.” He barely won that, but I enjoyed it. I thought it was hip hop. It needs to a lot more of that where it doesn’t come to blows or guns or something like that. I got a song on my album called “The light” were I’m calling everybody out. If it’s only hip hop then let’s have some fun.”-The Game

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