Tupac Called Dr. Dre A Closet Homosexual In Lost Notes

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Tupac is perhaps the world’s greatest emcee to ever spit emotional, powerful rhymes on a mic. Tupac lost his lie on Sept. 13, 1996 seven days after he was shot.

Pac’s name is still making headlines despite being gone for over two decades. Makaveli’s liner notes for his final studio album, “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory,” are now up for auction.

Pac was on bully in the notes, as he took shots at some his adversaries, including Dr. Dre, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Haitian Jack, King Tut and Faith.

Pac’s notes read:

“I dedicate this 2 Jack ‘the snitch’ Agnant for ordering the hit, 2 Tut for shootin me, 2 Puffy, Big, Stretch, Lil Shawn, Jimmy Henchman & whoever else remained silent while conspiring my downfall. I thank you. I thank Faith for the greatest weapon ever, her low self esteem and beat up p***y. Thanks to Wendy Williams for being a fat b***h, thanks to Mobb Deep for opening you mouth and letting me squash ya no record selling asses to dust. Dr. Dre for being a closet homo. To Nas for not taking my advice and minding his business. To De La Soul for being mad at me for living well while they live like fat washed up bums, to Donnie Simpson and all the comedian who laughed when I bled, to Jay-Z, King Sun Dukey Lock, whatever Lil Kim or fat ass weave wearing Biggie short stubby d*8k sucking Kim for being nobodies! Now it’s time to see who’s watching to many movies and who’s ready to get they cash on for real. War Time. Worldwide. Nationwide. City. Exit Tupac.”

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