TVOne Analyst Roland Martin Says Children Should Witness Loving Relationship Between Happily Married Man and Woman

TVOne analyst Roland Martin said it’s dire for young children to witness a loving relationship between man and woman in their developmental stages.

The lack of a loving man and women in the household, he said, is a disservice to young boys and girls.

“These girls need to witness a loving relationship. They need to see and experience a man loving, caressing, disciplining, caring for them,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Many of us, he wrote, seriously underestimate the dynamic of kids seeing a happily married man and a woman and what it means for their future.

Martin further explained that young girl must see how a man properly treats a woman for the benefit of future relationships.

“a young girl must see a man who doesn’t yell, cuss out or beat up his wife. That matters in their future relationships!” he wrote.

Martin made sure not to take anything away from single mothers and fathers, but says the “male-female dynamics can’t be ignored.”

He also said children must see intimacy in the household. He witnessed intimacy from his parents and makes sure his nieces sees the level of affection he and his wife share.

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