Chicago Artist Spenzo Says Communication Can Solve the Violence in Chicago

Chicago artist Spenzo believes he has the solution to the violence that is gripping his hometown.

In a city that has surpassed over 500 homicides in 2012, Spenzo believes it will take communication amongst residents to curtail the deadly trend.

The violence, he said, is the reason he decided to pursue music and remain positive for close friends and family.

Spenzo said he shares his experience and knowledge of situations he’s been through with the people he cares about. He said if one doesn’t “get on a positive lane,” there might not be a way out.

“Instead of me just hanging out in the streets, it was something that affected me by getting into the studio,” he said in the “Murder to Excellence: Life & Hip Hop in Chicago” documentary. “It affected me by telling my friend ‘don’t go to that kickback, don’t go to that party.’ We don’t need that drama. It affected me by telling my sister ‘do what you do, come home.’ My little brother, play your video games instead of going outside.”

Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson took to Twitter to call for the President to tackle the “complex” issue gripping the city of Chicago.

“I’m so glad the president spoke out about Newtown. But Chicago is much more complex. 175 under 18 killed this year as of last night in Chi,” he wrote.

“Ignorance, hopelessness and guns are all factors in this war in Chicago. But we don’t make it sell guns in Chicago,” he wrote.

Spenzo said pettiness leads to violence in his city.

“The violence is basically “off a lot of petty stuff, which can be solved by just talking or just by saying ‘I aint got no problem with em.’”

What will it take to curb the violence in the Chicago? Sound off below.

Check out Spenzo’s “Go In” Freestyle video

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