Chicago Artist King Louie: Drill Music Is ‘Our Music’

Chicago is the birthplace of drill music.

Chicago artist King Louie, newly signed Epic/Sony artist, is considered one of the originators of the drill music scene.

But the East Side native isn’t shy to give full credit of the “Drill” movement to slain Chicago emcee Pac Man.

“I rep P-Pac man, he the king of drill music,” King Louie said in the “Murder to Excellence: Life & Hip Hop in Chicago” documentary. “He the originator.”

Chicago Power 92’s on-talent DJ Reese pointed King Louie as one of the first artists he heard drill music from.

“Chief Keef had a song called ‘3Hunna,” he said. “That was really nice. King Louie had one called “Too Cool” that I was playing in the club. That’s where I really heard it from.”

Reese says the delivery and instruments make drill music different than any other genre of music.

“The way they deliver their lyrics is a different style than what everyone’s used to. The drums are hard. The snares kicking hard. They wanna hear that banging, dirty kinda sound come through the speakers in the club,” said the DJ who hails from 79th street on South Side Chicago.

Reese describes drill music as being a street sound.

“Most the lyrics in drill music is not pertaining to club scene or anything else, it’s pertaining strictly to the streets,” he said.

Drill music has received much criticism for the violence it promotes.

“I understand it promotes violence to a certain degree, but that’s all they have to talk about right now,” he said. “Until they get that out of their system, they’re not going to have anything else to talk about.”

King Louie describes drill music as Chicago’s sound.

“Drill music is a real drill,” he said. “Anything can be a drill. It’s a new sound. Our music.”

Check out King Louie’s “Too Cool” Official Music Video

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