Did Chicago Producer Young Chop Take Another Shot at Kanye West for Taking ‘I Don’t Like’ Beat?

It was thought the conflict between Chicago producers Young Chop and Kanye West was squashed.

But Young Chop quickly snatched the band-aid of the healing wound by tweeting some disparaging remarks about the “G.O.O.D. Music” front man.

“How a ni**a going take my beat #u kids don’t no s--- about this music s--- smfh #i don’t like hahahahahahahahaha” he wrote.

Young Chop quickly deleted the tweet.

Kanye West remixed Chief Keef’s viral “I Don’t Like” track, which was produced by the up and coming 18-year-old producer.

In a prior interview with Hood Supa Star, Young Chop expressed his displeasure with Kanye, saying, “I’m mad as f*ck for the simple fact they did not ask me to change up sh*t in my beat. They don’t have no files to none of my sh*t, so how the f*ck did they add a melody over the instrumental. These motherf*ckas is playing me and I don’t give two f*cks. I will sue the sh*t out of Kanye West. He need to call my phone right now before I snap.”

In an interview with HipHop DX, Young Chop said he doesn’t care about Kanye West’s celebrity status.

“I don’t care! I’m building my own brand. Why would I go off his brand? I didn’t ask him to get on no songs, none of that,” he said. “He wanted to get on it. So people need to fall back and mind they business. Like the critics, and everybody that’s hatin’—the supporters of Kanye West, basically.”

Listen to Young Chop go off on Kanye West in interview below

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