Uncle Murda Regrets Catching Some Opps Lackin

Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda spoke on his regrets in life with Sway in Morning. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t think I have too many regrets as far as things I did. You might feel bad about certain things you’ve done, but you realize it was necessary at the time. There was a movie called “Crying Freeman.” Crying Freeman was hit man for the 108 dragons. Every time he caught someone lackin, he would get a new tattoo. After every time he caught someone lackin, he went home and he cried about the sh*t. I always felt like that kind of character. Even though I did bullsh*t, I always felt bad about it a little bit afterwards. Not to everybody. Some muf*ckers it was like “f*ck him.” Sometimes you feel a little bad, “like aww damn.”

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