VonMar Takes Listeners On A Tour Through ‘Sin City’

Las Vegas is a city that often goes by the nickname “Sin City.” But Chicago, a city that has come to be known as

Chiraq, may have surpassed Las Vegas to earn this distinction. Many of the urban areas in the city are heavily embedded with drugs, violence and a slew of other crimes.

VonMar, a native of Englewood, South Side Chicago, found “Sin City” to be the appropriate title for his latest mixtape project.The phrase “Sin City” is characterized by the “Seven Deadly Sins,” which includes anger, greed, lust, envy, materialism, gluttony and laziness.

Want to know why Chiraq is “Sin City?” VonMar is glad to give your ears a tour in his DJ Shon-hosted project.

VonMar is about money, power and respect in single “Into That,” a DJ L production. It is very much known respect comes from power and power comes from money. But VonMar knows money, power and respect breeds envy- a deadly sin. This is the very reason, why VonMar stays with the tech.

“Everyday summer, so I keep the tech/These streets hot, they getting wet/These streets hot, they getting whacked,” he raps.

In late March, VonMar presented fans his club banger “Aw Sh*t” featuring FBG Duck. VonMar and Duck boast their clout in this track. It is this clout that allows them to bed a lot of women.

VonMar and Thot Boy members K.O The God and Damo dropped the single “On Site” in late December to close 2013.

The track is pure Thot Boy heat.

VonMar raps, “357 with a scope, red dot, don’t need no sight/Hopping in the steamer with the tint like everything gone be fine/A lot of n****s scary, I can b---- him, that’s mine/I bet he jumped up, you be the next online/Talk is cheap cause I’ma keep the money on mine.”

K.O the God is a double threat on the mic. Not only can he sing, but he can also rap. K.O follows VonMar, rapping, “A lot of n****a lying, they ain’t really totin that pipe/I been about that life, serving that green and that white/If I ever go broke, I’ma go rob me a hype/Low key, I been in and out of jams with a 30 in my hand let a n***a know that/Reload fast, put a n***a in the can/Man down man down, where is the stash.”

Damo finished the track with sinister bars, rapping, “100 street k, John a-- n****s wont fight/OTB, catch a opp blow him on site (boom boom boom boom)/R.I.P, now yo whole face on sites/Thot boyz gone, flying in the air like Mike/I’m known in the streets, b****h I earned my stripes.”

VonMar slows it down for listeners with poetic lyrics in “Burn Together.”

VonMar weaves through topics of tainted love, loss of loved ones, criminal past, paranoia, poverty and aspirations of striking it rich. Some key aspects of the track mirrors a confessional as VonMar asks the Lord for forgiveness for past sins, including robbery and gunplay. Above all, VonMar essentially prays he accomplishes his dreams. His family is reason for his motivation.

VonMar gave fans a short sample of single “Smokin, Drivin” in February. The full release makes its debut on VonMar’s tape. The track is every bit as intense as the teaser.

VonMar is in traffic, rapping, “I’m smoking, driving, got hot lead, got that hot head/Turn your head into a bobsled, it’s snowing outside, but it’s hot here/Sin city, couple glocks with me, pushing shots there, but I’m all well.”

VonMar has trust issues when it comes to a thot, which is why he “Can’t Trust Her.” A thot is a promiscuous woman. A thot that wants the wifey title angers VonMar. He goes on to slam these types of women that want to have their cake and eat it too.

Though Nicki Minaj is a native of Queens, NY, her single “Chiraq” took on a life of its own following its release. Many Chicagoans have since remixed the Boi-1da, Vinylz and Allen Ritter-produced hot beat.

VonMar is an authentic “Chiraq” native, so it was only right him to put on for Thot Boyz and let outsiders know the real on what goes in his hometown.

VonMar’s “Sin City’ is an impressive catalog of music. The highlights of the tape was VonMar’s openness in expressing himself. Chiraq is a jungle and one has to keep their guard up at all times. VonMar was able to express himself through music to unbottle his emotions. VonMar is a product of his environment and was able to convey the effects “Sin City’ has had on him. He acknowledges his faults and aims to better himself so that he may accomplish his goals. A city of sin continues to pull many people into its grips daily. VonMar’s goal is to break free. The Thot Boy’s story is worth the listen.

Download VonMar’s “Sin City” mixtape below.

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