Where is the Love: Has America Become Insensitive to Tragedy?

Senseless killings continue to plague the United States. The Mississippi State University family is currently mourning the tragic shooting death of student John Sanderson in the school’s dormitory. The country is also mourning the death of Trayvon Martin,an unarmed 17-year-old boy shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman as he walked to his father’s fiancé’s house from a local store.

Many have rallied behind Sanderson and Martin and want justice for their untimely demise. However, there are many people who have shown little to no concern. These individuals have even gone out of their way to use social media to write negative thoughts on these individuals’ death.

On Twitter, a user by the name of Sergio Ramos @SergiooRamoss spewed hate and racism in a Tweet.

“People still talking about #trayvonmartin People that’s one less black man to worry about,” he wrote.

Another Twitter user by the name of OG_Smokey_Da_Great @Itz_SnoopRu_Hoe had this to say:

“smh f**k trayvon martin he still gets no love from mii,” he wrote.

In racially charged tweet, Marc Baker @MarcBaker3 wrote, “Zimmerman is NOT guilty! Trayvon Martin was, and your guilty you savage n----- cannibals!”

Another Twitter user had no good words to say for John Sanderson. Tonio @GivenUaPayne tweeted he could care less about Sanderson’s death.

“I can care less about the dude who died at #MississippiState….. Just being real,” he tweeted. “No disrespect but f**k that dude…… it’s other major issues to worry about.”

These tweets are just a few of what was said in Twitter land. The animosity expressed for these two young men is very unfortunate given that hate is the reason these two died. In order to prevent these tragedies from happening again, we must ask ourselves: Where is the love?

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