XXXTentacion Plans To Sue And Put Migos In Jail

XXXTentacion is out for blood. X said he now plans to put Migos in jail after he was allegedly assaulted Monday outside of his hotel in Los Angeles.

Footage of the assault was posted online earlier today.


X says he is going to release footage of his own provided by hotel staff.

“Originally, I wasn’t gon go post the video, but now I’ma go post the video,” X said on his Instagram Story. “I’ma go show the video of four to five people with motherf*****g guns, and n****s sneaking the f**k out of my homeboys. In the video, you see me split the f**k out this n***a.

He continued, “I’m waiting for the video. I’m waiting for the hotel to give it to me. Just be patient. The real video is gonna come. When y’all see the video, y’all gon f*****g laugh.”

X said the footage was going to land the Migos in jail.

He captioned his video, “So say y’all n****s just put yourself in jail, and lost mad money playing wit me smh. On g tho, I hope y’all homeboy eyeball ok.”

X says he is putting out to footage to prevent his character from being defamed.

“I don’t want y’all to think I’m going back on my word about being positive,” X said. “I’m just trying my best to make sure nobody tried to defamize my character, and make me look like no p***y n***a cause I definitely beat the f**k out that n***a, and went dead in that n***a s**t and slammed him.”

XXXTentacion initially said he had no plans of sending Offset, Quavo and Takeoff to jail. X told followers on his Instagram that the only reason Quavo, Offset and Takeoff didn’t get arrested was because of him.

X wrote, “They also didn’t get arrested because of me, just so ya know, your life was in my hands.”

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X is confused by the amount of hate he has received since the assault, especially since he was a victim.

“See how I was stabbed, brutally assaulted, everyone still spreads hate,” X said. “It’s still basically f**k me because I’m famous.”

He added, “Sorry, not because I’m famous, but because I’m black.”

X took to social media to show off his stab wound.

“I ain’t even realize these n****s stabbed me,” X said. “This s**t is open, he said referring to his open wound on his leg. These f**k a– n****s stabbed me in my f*****g knee. These n****s f*****g stabbed me. I swear to G-d is y’all don’t give me any clout tokens for this s**t. I swear to f*****g G-d. Look at the meat in my s**t. If y’all don’t give me f*****g clout tokens for getting f*****g stabbed and being a man about it. I swear to God.”

X plans to sue the Atlanta rap trio for the assault.

“If y’all n****s think I ain’t gon take y’all money, y’all stupid as f**k,” he said. “Y’all f**k n****s getting sued. I ain’t gon go to the police, but I’m finna sue the f**k out y’all boys. I’m finna get all that QC label money.”

Migos have an estimated net worth of $9 million.

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XXXTentacion revealed the fight took place outside his hotel in LA.

“Before you hear it from anybody else, I got jumped in LA by some p***y a– n****s, and they jumped me n***a,” X said. “Nobody gave me the fade one-on-one. Didn’t nobody give me the respect of a one-on-one. And I painted that n***a when he was on the ground. Just to let y’all know why they jump me. P***y a– n****s. I’m just letting y’all know from now though I’m a man before anything, and I’ma take my f****g a– beating like a man, and carry myself like a man. This s**t don’t affect me. Y’all n****s gon lose money f*****G with me.”

X went on to reveal Migos pulled guns out on him and his girl.

“And them n****s up five on me and my girl and my n***a. Point blank period,” X said. “So if you see me, n***a, just know they had five and pulled a gun on me my n****a.

He continued, “F**k the Migos, straight up. Y’all n****s had the chance to kill me? How y’all n****s have five n****s shoot me? After all the s**t I been talking. How the f**k you ain’t shoot me. Y’all n****s p***y a– f**k. Y’all rap n****s be rapping about killing and shooting n****s and this and that. But you caught me outside the hotel.”

XXXTentacion posted footage of the aftermath of his fight with Takeoff. Takeoff – wearing pink pants and a blue jacket – can be seen walking quickly up a set of stairs while X can be heard yelling obscenities at him from behind.

“P***y a– Takeoff running!” X can be heard saying

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X’s beef with Migos dates back to May. X got at Offset for dissing Sahbabii over “upside down cross” comments.

“I don’t respect no n***a that don’t wanna see a young n***a prosper,” X said. “That s**t p***y. You supposed to wanna help the new generation. Tell this p***y n***a Offset to get off a n***a d**k. The f**k you on that young n***a d**k for? Always on somebody d**k. Shut yo p***y a– up. N****s like 35 still tryna catch the wave. Yo career over.”

Offset suggested artists who wear upside down cross chains “get with God.”

“All y’all n****s wearing upside down crosses, even my little partners, stop that s**t. You look lame,” Offset said. “All that worship the devil s**t. Get with God man.”

Offset’s comments came a day after Lil Uzi Vert wore a $2,400 Valentino shirt with an upside down cross at the Billboard Music Awards.

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Sahbabii was not too pleased with Offset’s comments about his “unknownism” culture.

Sahbabii lashed out against Offset in several posts that have since been deleted. The Ninth Ward rapper called out Offset for donating only $1,000 to Atlanta’s Booker T. Washington High School.

“I showed these n****s respect now f**k Migos!! We ain’t goin for no disrespect. Nobody asked this lame a– n***a opinion,” he wrote. “N***a you look lame f**k you talmboud. My cross gone stay upside down y’all n****s donate $1000 to Washington but throw $10,000 in a club. I will beat yo a–.”

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SahBabii went on to explain the meaning of his “Unknownism” movement.

“I created this ideology for seeking the truth,” SahBabii said. “I had this mindset since a young boy. I stand strong behind this and we will kill for it. Book coming soon!! Unknownism0 accepting the fact of not knowing if all of this bullsh*t they tell us is true. 666 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. This has nothing to do with Saint Peter. Unknownism is life. Sorry, we are open minded and don’t follow the wave and believe in bulls**t that hasn’t been proving. Much love to my unknowns #666.”

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SahBabii later posted a video calling Offset out.

“You was the first b***h a– n***a to take this s**t to the Internet,” SahBabii said. “You’s a h*e a– n***a. Stop speaking on street s***t you industry pig tail wearing b***h. This n****s wearing pig tails, b***h style. N***a, this s**t all on the Internet. I’ll be glad to be your a– though.”

It didn’t take long for Offset to respond.

“Stop it SahBabii, whatever the f**k yo p***y a– name is,” Offset said. “You fake claiming. You ain’t PD. You ain’t Slaughter Gang. You ain’t the mob. Ain’t from Atlanta. You from Chicago. Then you talking bout you’d beat my a–? I’ll pull up to your hood that ain’t yo hood, have yo n****s wash wipe yo a– in yo hood. You better know what’s going on with set. I know the real mob, man. You ain’t the mob. Ain’t Slaughter Gang.”

Offset got on X in early April for going hard at Drake. Offset offered his thoughts on X’s post-jail 103.5 interview on IG Live.

“You n****s is silly man. How you ain’t heard of him and n***a talking about he stole yo swag? [Drake] ain’t even heard of you, shawty. Get yo a– out here and run that s— up, whatever yo name is. Trippin. Coming out here for the big n****s to take your head off.”

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XXXTentacion called out Drake for having a flow similar to “Look At Me.”

“They put his verse on my song and the cadence is just at the same tempo,” X told 103.5. “It’s not off beat at all. He’s not a man. He’s a b***h. That was a b***h move, especially when I was in jail facing life. If Drake would’ve came to my bond hearing, that would’ve made my f*****g day. If he would’ve showed he’s a hospitable person, and that he’ really in this s**t for the culture rather taking my s**t and running off with it and then putting it on his album, then he would’ve got my kudos, my respect.”

XXXTentacion ramped his anti-Drake efforts after making an online pass at the Toronto rapper’s mom.

X wrote, “drake mom kinda cute, she could get it.”

#xxxtentacion wildin, says #drake's mom can get it. Did he go to far? ?

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