XXXTentacion Loves Migos Offset’s Fiancé Cardi B

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XXXTentacion is attempting to shoot his shot at Offset’s fiancé Cardi B. X made sure to express his love for Cardi B in the midst of his rant against the Migos.

“One more thing,” he said. “I love you, Cardi B.”

X also expressed his love for Cardi after posting an image of her onto his IG with a caption, reading, “Just letting u kno rn bae… I don’t got no pressure witchu… I bump bodak orange when I shower…. I love u.”

X has been at Migos’ necks ever since their fight outside his hotel in LA.

“Before you hear it from anybody else, I got jumped in LA by some p***y a-- n****s, and they jumped me n***a,” X said. “Nobody gave me the fade one-on-one. Didn’t nobody give me the respect of a one-on-one. And I painted that n***a when he was on the ground. Just to let y’all know why they jump me. P***y a-- n****s. I’m just letting y’all know from now though I’m a man before anything, and I’ma take my f****g a-- beating like a man, and carry myself like a man. This s**t don’t affect me. Y’all n****s gon lose money f*****G with me.”

X went on to reveal Migos pulled guns out on him and his girl.

“And them n****s up five on me and my girl and my n***a. Point blank period,” X said. “So if you see me, n***a, just know they had five and pulled a gun on me my n****a.

He continued, “F**k the Migos, straight up. Y’all n****s had the chance to kill me? How y’all n****s have five n****s shoot me? After all the s**t I been talking. How the f**k you ain’t shoot me. Y’all n****s p***y a-- f**k. Y’all rap n****s be rapping about killing and shooting n****s and this and that. But you caught me outside the hotel.”

XXXTentacion posted footage of the aftermath of his fight with Takeoff. Takeoff – wearing pink pants and a blue jacket – can be seen walking quickly up a set of stairs while X can be heard yelling obscenities at him from behind.

“P***y a-- Takeoff running!” X can be heard saying

#xxxtentacion films #takeoff running from him after fight ? #migos

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X’s beef with Migos dates back to May. X got at Offset for dissing Sahbabii over “upside down cross” comments.

“I don’t respect no n***a that don’t wanna see a young n***a prosper,” X said. “That s**t p***y. You supposed to wanna help the new generation. Tell this p***y n***a Offset to get off a n***a d**k. The f**k you on that young n***a d**k for? Always on somebody d**k. Shut yo p***y a-- up. N****s like 35 still tryna catch the wave. Yo career over.”

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