YBN Nahmir Reveals Label Finessed Him Out Of ‘Rubbin Off The Paint’ Beat

#ybnnahmir reveals a label tried to finesse him ?#rubbinoffthepaint

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YBN Nahmir made a name for himself in the rap game after the release of his “Rubbin Off The Paint” record.

But Nahmir revealed to fans the production behind the record has been stripped from him after a former manager sold the beat to a label. The label then tried to force him into a record contract.

Nahmir titled his post, “ALL YOUNG ARTISTS BEWARE.“

He then writes, “Early on, one of my old managers helped me buy the Rubbin beat off line. Once s**t started moving, he got excited and then, w/o my knowledge and on some greedy s**t let one these big record company n****s finesse him into selling the beat to them. Then the company tried to force me to do a deal w them claiming they own my song.
He continued, “It’s f****d up bc this is my big shot and they tryna finesse me out my s**t like I’m stupid or some s**t,” he continues. “Nah bruh, YBN =Young Boss N***a! So y’all already know, I ain’t havin that s**t. OML, Im smooth tho, I’ll rather get up wit somebody before they ever finesse me out my s**t.”

YBN Nahmir’s song is currently at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

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