Zeta Phi Beta Member Sheryl Underwood Slams Natural Black Hair On ‘The Talk’

“Remove the kinks from your mind, not your hair”
-Marcus Garvey

Sheryl Underwood, a co-host of CBS’ “The View,” sparked furor amongst African American women due to remarks she made surrounding natural kinky African hair.

Underwood offered controversial thoughts on Heidi Klum’s practice of saving her children’s hair in a zip-lock bag.

Klum commented during an interview with Your Tango that two of her sons have “big afros.”

“…When I shaved them all down, I kept all the hair and I put it in a Ziploc bag. I keep everything!” she said.

Klum has three bi-racial children with ex-husband and singer Seal.

Underwood found Klum’s family ritual ridiculous, saying, “Why would you save afro hair? You can’t weave in afro hair!”

“You don’t ever see us in the hair place like ‘what I need here is “curly, nappy, beaded hair,’ she added as fellow co-hosts and the audience erupted into laughter.

Underwood’s comments become even more cringe-worthy after referring to white hair as “beautiful, long, silky stuff.”

Underwood’s words evoke feelings of an inferiority complex deeply embedded in African American culture due to a history of slavery and racism.

African Americans history in the United States has been horrid due to four hundred years of physical and psychological abuse.

African Americans are stricken with a self-identity complex due to notions of Eurocentric superiority.

Mainstream media and society perpetuates the false notion that a woman needs to be a particular shade and have specific hair texture to be considered beautiful.

Kiri Davis, a New York filmmaker, examined this issue in her documentary “A Girl Like Me,” which repeated a study of color preference amongst young black children more than 50 years after its initial test.

The original study was conducted by Kenneth and Mamie Clark in the 1940s to study racial preference amongst children using dolls.

In the Clark study, children were asked to decide between two dolls- white and black.

Davis’ study revealed 15 out of 20 African American children preferred the white doll to the black doll.

Underwood’s blinded view of beauty is the cause of her very own hair damage.

Underwood removed her wig during an episode of “The Talk” to reveal badly damage hair, most likely due to years of chemical relaxer products and hair extension use.

Super model Naomi Campbell is another celeb whose scalp has undergone damage due to years of hair extension use.

Should African American women rid themselves of hair extensions and chemical relaxers and embrace their natural beauty? Sound off below

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