BossTop Disses Chief Keef In ‘At Yo Neck’ Music Video

BossTop is posted on O’Block and “At Yo Neck” in his latest music video. Top noticeably parades around his set with Chief Keef’s Johnny Dang chain in his DIB Ent. visual.

Top claims he jacked Sosa’s old chain, rapping, “Yo [ice?] Johhny Dang, then I’m at yo neck/Rob him for his chain and an ounce of crack.”

This single appears on Top’s mixtape “At Yo Neck.”

Check out below.

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  • 207mal

    Bosstop a real nigga for dat #LongLiveLA

    • Anonymous


  • S

    How u diss a nigga that put clothes in ya back ? Lol

  • Anonymous

    but dese niggas still stuck in the projects tho?


    Did i Juss See Lil Reese In that Video lol watch keef get all emotional bout that shit

  • blood fa jojo bdk

    Chief keef ain’t doing nothing to lower crime rate he say he oblock buh ain’t put no love on oblock so now to him its no block. 2 dat change is chief dang how you gonna let niggas who ain’t have shit eat where your family sleep. This is the beef chief keef will never evade.

    • i swallow i stroke and bend over I’m a power bottom

      Shut up coon and let me stroke u boo

  • Anonymous

    Goofy shit

  • Anonymous

    So whats the purpose of having the chain i dont get it

  • Parish

    Old news. Bosstop lies. There would have been a fight or something. They all always roll deep. I believe he really did rob the house straight up. That’s dirty shit. Kaykay is how old? I’m sure top needed some baby clothes since he still IS on the block. Why the fuck doesn’t he sell that chain and feed his homies then? Exactly. Bosstop ain’t about oblock any more than anyone else is. Skeevy shit

    • anon

      your a dumbass you can’t sell stolen jewelry and its like 80k and like 1k is a felony

  • That’s the only way Brokethot is going to get a johnny dang chain, thieving bastard. Mad because Sosa decided to stop giving pocket money to these grown men. Looks like Reese & some of his people were on the set for the video alright.

  • New Orleans

    SAME OLE BULLSHIT COMIN OUT YO NECK!!! Fuck this musty nigga yahuuurrrrrmee

  • broketop ol dirty ass nigga love dat johnny dang chain and dat damn burberry shirt and u cant forget dat fake ass belt. he been wearin dat shit for months u can even see it in dis weak ass nigga video. idk why my nigga reese in dis but fuck it glo gang 150 300 600 fuck o block n broketop

  • Fuck BossTop

    When T ROY get out

  • Anonymous

    Broketop probably gave them baby clothes he stole to Troy lil nigga got the same size as KayKay yahuuurrrrrmee

  • Andretti

    Reese in the video but you see top not wearing that shit when reese pops up

    • cuz reesey a choke top broke ass fa doin dat fufu shit round em.. #300

  • Anonymous

    Damn the little light skin dude look like Brittney griner lol

  • wtf

    why is lil reese in a chief keep diss video if he claims him and sosa are cool and he’s down with him. 2:21-2:26

    • 207mal

      Cause Reese don’t pick sides like lil fan niggas like y’all that’s gang shit boss top feel some type of way oh well before dis rap shit it was oblock so he really don’t care bosstop loyal da beef only stemmed from keef what y’all don’t get smh dumbass kids

  • trill

    idk summ shit aint right in the water, bosstop only want sum clout then i heard he on summ fufu shit

  • trill

    bosstop stay theivin lol didn’t he take one of migos chain when they came thru in the chi smh
    he only wants sum clout

  • trill

    keef and tray beefin too? smh i saw tray wearing keef chain bosstop snatched

  • Parish

    Tray savage??

  • Parish

    Ah you mean t roy. He rolls with bosstop deep. They are true oblock even though oblock is on that rob your babies clothes while your at court type shit

  • 207mal

    I rather be in my hood making money all that fame shit don’t matter.

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