Fans Question Suspect Kevin Gates Verse In Lil Bibby’s ‘We Are Strong’

Fans were excited upon the release of Lil Bibby’s latest single “We Are Strong” featuring Kevin Gates last week. But a particular line from Bibby’s Baton Rouge feature seemingly ruined a few fans’ vibe.

Gates raps, “Man, f-ck em in they ass, we finessin’ for the check.”

The line happen to set off a firestorm throughout social media:

Lil Bibby is preparing the release of his sophomore mixtape “Free Crack 2.” The project is slated to drop Aug. 1.

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  • Anonymous


  • gang

    he also eat booty

  • Reggie

    That’s what happens when two lightskin brothers get on a track together

  • Yall mfs so lame niggaz been saying fuck u in ur ass Juvenile B.g Boosie ain’t nobody said shnuttin yall gay

    • Bompton City

      What LMAO??????

  • Anonymous

    kg was in prison for a while ya know

  • drum squad

    So cuz u go to prison u gay stop da bullshit so wen yall be saying free my dawg and he finally get free he ain’t ur dog no more cuz he been to prison and he gay rite stop it

  • Anonymous


  • fu gang we aint wit it

    lil bibby catch a big L for this shit

  • Anonymous

    he need to change his rap name to pause cud he be saying suspect shit all the time

  • I was wit the eatin her booty part but this fuckery I can’t condone! First Game takin bout Frank Ocean fuckin niggas in ass now this! Gang!


      Nigga you a basic ass follower

  • New Orleans

    I huuurrrdd he a new member of Bullymob yahuuurrrrrmee

    • boss trell

      new orleans funny asl and i bet he aint even from there lmfao

    • Pompous Rich Fella

      he’s from new orleans so he’s one of your guys man CTFU



    • yolo dolo

      free booty crack 2 lol

  • PeeWee

    haha this nigga. n i just watched sum shit on youtube where he said he bout dick or sum shit. bro suspect

  • New Orleans

    Man this nigga should call himself “Kevin Gapes” because this nigga loves them Hairy Ass Gapes yahuuurrrrrmee

  • Dillions

    Any chance to call someone a faggot, they take it. They think it makes them look hard. Those chicks twitterin are just welfare piles sayin what they think you wanna hear. “DUH DUH DUH I CaH EVUN LISSIN HIM NO MOE”

    • New Orleans

      That nigga said “I’m about dick too” on stage that shit gay yahuuurrrrrmee

  • Basic follower? I’m wit it kuz I been doin it since before…Nigga follower??! all them Chi niggas u and all them other keyboard weenies got fake internet mobs and come on here dissin each other written OTK BMK whatever the fuck other K…fuckin lame ass niggas! If u really a shooter Joshy do evnody a favor and clap yo self nigga! Put one right in ur head for us…but the only clappin u niggas do is wit keyboard strokes so we never get that lucky!

  • Anonymous

    he shoulda said no homo before saying the line

    • right!?

  • diey

    Goofy always say in some suspect stuff

  • cocaine

    why yall got Omarion random ass mixtape at the end?

  • 067zano

    i dont fuck with this nigga kevin gates but wayne say gay shit like this all the time

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