S. Dot & Edai Drop ‘Sneak Dissin’ Music Video

S. Dot and Edai don’t like “Sneak Dissin.”

The two 600 rappers put their dislike for subliminal dissing on wax in their latest single.

S. Dot anchors the track, rapping, “All that sneak diss, you get man downed/Ain’t no talking, catch me in traffic, got his head down/Don’t need no hitters, I keep that 30, I ain’t playin round/In the field when it get hot, you get fanned down/I just poured me some more (?) cause it ain’t nothing to do/I’m 0-6-0 Steve Drive, don’t make us murder you.”

Edai hits this single, rapping, “Trap going hard, got pyrex in my kitchen/6-0, damn my n****s so ignorant/Roll a T***a pack in my swisher/(?) just get shot, you just don’t get it/51st ain’t got no money/I heard of 300, 600, what the f**k is a 800/In my 4-5 drum, I got a hundred.”

Check out S. Dot and Edai’s “Sneak Dissing” music video below.

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