Kodak Black Asks Future About Suspect Line In ‘Coming Out Strong’

Kodak Black is confused by a line Future’s song “Coming Out Strong.” In the record, it appears Future is saying, “The only time I feel alive is when I taste d**k.”

Project Baby got Future on the line to clarify the lyric during an IG Live session.

“I gotta call my n***a Future, ’cause we be talking like business shit, like CEO shit,” Kodak told his IG followers. “On some real n***a shit, like want to see a young n***a win and shit. But I gotta hit him up and ask him this question and s**t…I’m doing it on [Instagram] Live I probably shouldn’t have even did this on Live.”

Future told Kodak he said, ‘The only time I feel alive is when I take.” Future said he’s referring to taking a pill.

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  • WakinLiphe

    Ok! He musta been high when he made the song cause it sounded like he said what it sounds like he said since he follows it up with “I don’t love it but I know it ain’t safe dick” or something like that! Drugs are a helluva thing!

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