Cardi B Responds To King Yella Saying He Smashed Before Offset

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Cardi B is no longer rocking King Yella for insinuating he smashed before her relationship with Offset.

Cardi posted a not-so-subliminal diss to King Yella on her IG story, writing, “Nothing is more lame then nikkas lying on they d**k.. I will feel like a h*e a-- nikka.”

Yella insinuated he slept with Cardi after posting onto his IG account Wednesday, “We had yo b***h first @offsetyrn @iamcardib.”

#kingyella speaks on #cardib 😮 #bodakyellow

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Cardi B had her fiancé Offset call Yella over the matter.

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Yella had an associate record him on FaceTime with Offset.

“Motherf****r think I’m a h** or something? What you saying though? Yo b***h inboxing motherf*****s talking about I’m a bozo,” Yella told Offset. “I don’t give a f**k about none of that s**t.”

Yella continued, “I’m not worried bout no n***a. We can link, get it on, whatever.”

Offset can be heard on the call, saying, “The Gangstas gon beat your a--.”

King Yella captioned his post, “I guess @offsetyrn & @iamcardib mad so now he wanna act tuff on gd y’all got the right guy. N***a callin my phone like I’m h**. #BIGYELLA KEEP EM MAD.”

Yella later posted a video, revealing Cardi B dissed him in a conversation with Billionaire Black.

“Motherf****r falling out over a b***h,” Yella said. “Wanna talk crazy. That’s Folks, b***h. I just talked to Blood. Cardi B all in [Billionaire Black] and all type of s**t, talking about I’m a bozo, I’m a goofy. So f**k both of y’all, so f**k both of y’all. Offset, you screaming this GD s**t, all that GD s**t, well tap in with the GDs. Acting all gangster. I saw real videos. I know real n***s, personally. What they call Quavo in the hood. Yanni.”

#kingyella speaks on #cardib x #offset 😮 #migos #bodakyellow

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Yella issued a message to his haters regarding his issues with Cardi B on social media Wednesday.

“I ain’t got no problem with Cardi. I’m just speaking facts,” Yella said. “My people say she don’t tap in no more. I inspired motherf*****s. I’m the reason motherf****s even wanted to rap. Motherf****s wasn’t rapping. Motherf*****s ain’t know nothing about no motherf****g rapping.

He continued, “Her and Offset doing their thing, right now. One of the two hottest motherf*****s in the game. But okay. Who gonna do something? Hating a-- n****s.”

Yella released a song titled after Cardi B in February 2016.

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